Monday, November 9, 2009


Yup, that's me! M.I.A. from here, but not from everywhere else! We've been ultra busy and let me tell you why:

1) I've worked a lot. Not just regular work. But other, extra work too. And its been fun!

2) Duck season opens up THIS Saturday!!! We're hopeful about this year. Last year sucked, but it was our first year on our land. We didn't know where the ducks would be landing, and we weren't the best at getting out early enough and establishing ourselves in a blind. As we'd be walking down into the woods, we'd hear gunshots all around us. Miles away, but we know these people were out waaaay earlier than us, and were having better luck! We also tried using a blind that someone made probably 20 years ago that has been left behind. Bad idea. Also the duck boxes we have (left here by the previous owner) , have abandoned duck eggs in them. What duck would want to make their home in a nasty box that has crushed baby duck eggs? Not I! So there are all sorts of reasons we didn't have a good hunt season last year. But the past two weeks we've been prepping. The pond would be a perfect place to hunt ducks, unfortunately, they don't come there. WHY??? We don't know. No food, security, etc? Not sure. Maybe I should do some research on it. We spent a few days cutting back the foliage around the pond and raked back a lot of leaves. Even put down a bunch of cracked corn. Nothing touched it. Not even the deer. Grrr... We're going to get camo'd-out tonight when the sun is settling and try to call them in. We'll see if that works. But we also need to work on our calls- maybe we're scaring them away instead of bringing them in!!! Who knows...

3) I had to do a lot of work on the chicken coop. I'm sure I've bragged enough about how I built the entire damn thing for free. Except chicken wire and wood screws. But recently I also bought paint. I've spent a good amount of time painting the coop, and even created a new way into the coop so I don't have to get down on my hands and knees and crawl through chicken poop. Yes, I was doing that. Yes, our chickens live in Section 8 housing. But yes, they're loved and are cared for well. They seem to be healthy, we're just waiting on the eggs. I'm thinking another month or so.
4) It was my birthday. I took a week off work and really didn't feel like sitting in front of the computer during that time!
5) This is the biggest news of all:

Yes! RNH and I finally decided (together!!!! not me begging him!) to get a full-bred AKC lab. We picked out a "Fox Red" lab, which means its a yellow lab with a red tint. The lady that had them for sale was just about 15 minutes down the road. Both of her two females were preggers at the same time and she had 17 puppies on her hands!!!!!! We picked a pup out from the dog "Daisy," because she is the hunter in the family. Apparently they've all got good hunting blood lines. I joked with the lady that we'll have an awesomely trained duck dog, and no ducks for it to retrieve! Hopefully that will change this year!!! We pick him up, Friday the 13th, and he'll have his forever-home! We're not that prepared yet. We've got a 10x10x6 dog pen set up for him, as well as a camo collar, but no bowls, no food, no toys, etc. We're planning a shopping trip into the city on Friday to hit up Petsmart. I. am. SUPER. excited!!! We need name ideas!!! Suggestions!??!


  1. AWESOME!! Sounds like you have sure been busy!! Gorgeous photos!!! Your puppy is SOO adorable!!

  2. Your chickens live in Section 8 housing - hilarious. Made me laugh.

    I can't wait for you to get a puppy.

  3. Hey--Roo is starting to look like a "real man"!! You'll have little chicks before you know it!! :)