Sunday, November 29, 2009

Missing Holidays

In our line of work, RNH and I rarely get to celebrate a holiday the way everyone else does. It can be quite a bummer, however holiday pay sure is nice!!! This year's Halloween (although I don't consider it a real holiday, especially because its mostly Satan-related!), I was working. I actually got called in. Boo. However, since we got called in, I got holiday pay! It wasn't too bad of a work-night and I got to see a lot of interesting costumes. The previous Halloweens have been spent at a friend's Halloween party. Its usually a big deal and she didn't have it this year, so I didn't miss out at all!

Thanksgiving was a mess. I slept most of Thanksgiving day and when I woke up I decided to celebrate by having a bowl of Chocolate ice cream. I had to work that night, meaning I ate dinner around 10pm with Skinny. We had a lot to decide on for dinner- Chinese or McDonalds. Ugh. We chose a Chinese place that is probably the nastiest Chinese place I've ever eaten at. When you walk in, it smells like the bathroom, and the food might as well have come from the toilet. So much for a Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving is actually my most favorite meal. I usually load up my plate pretty good. I even bought us a turkey this year. If I spent $35 at Food Lion, I could purchase a $5 turkey. I couldn't pass up on that deal! I did the same thing last year. I guess RNH and I were working last Thanksgiving too because we didn't cook our turkey until Easter. I'm thinking we'll cook it for Christmas this year, since we're actually OFF!

Because we've been so fortunate to work all of the holidays so far this year, I found that I neglected a fall tradition of pumpkin-carving. Our pumpkin has been sitting on our front stoop for several weeks now, and I figured I better use it before it rots.

Today I spent several hours digging out pumpkin seeds, pureeing pumpkin and making pumpkin bread. The end result was some yummy roasted seeds, 3 loaves of pumpkin bread, and about 10 cups worth of pumpkin puree. I might do something a bit nontraditional this year and make a pumpkin pie for Christmas since we missed out on one at Thanksgiving. I love to make pumpkin stuff from scratch, meaning no canned-pumpkin. It is WAY better!

I'm looking forward to Christmas this year. It will be our first Christmas as a married couple, and our first time being able to celebrate the holiday, on the holiday, in three years.

New Years Eve I'm actually off, but will have to work the next day at 7am. A 12 hour shift, means you've GOT to go to bed early. Great, I won't get to see the ball drop. Last year I worked NYE, and at least got to watch everyone else celebrate. This year I don't even get to see the festivities! I might DVR the ball dropping and watch it first thing when I wake up in the morning. We'll see.

That also means I should be coming up with some New Years Resolutions. I usually don't do them but I think I will make a few this year. We'll see!


  1. Yeah... I wonder if they celebrate Thanksgiving in China? If they do- or something like it- I'd at least hope they have better food than we did!!!