Sunday, November 29, 2009

Photography- WR

Besides the way I looked on the day of my wedding (I wanted to look like a princess!), the photographer was the most important thing to me. I could care less about the paper invitations that everyone would throw away, I could care less about the cake that would be eaten, I could care less whether or not someone was eating on china or plastic. I just wanted good pictures taken, so I would have memories that last for forever.

When I was a Junior in high school, one of my BFFs died in a car wreck. When she was gone, I realized that a lot of our memories were gone too. I didn't have a ton of pictures from the times we spent together. I never captured what kind of person she was in photograph to help me remember her fun personality so well. I didn't have pictures of us in the best times of our lives. I was pretty upset by that and after she died, I became a photograph-fanatic. I take pictures of everything and everyone. It is important to me to be able to look back at good times and have those memories. I don't print out all of the pictures and store them away in books, but I do like to sit at the computer and scroll back through them, reminiscing.

Because of this, I wanted an awesome photographer. I also wanted one that was affordable and one that would be able to fit within the budget. I didn't even have to look or do any sort of research. I wanted my sister's wedding photographer. I remembered Eddie Stokes as being a very nice guy that did awesome work. He did my sister's wedding in Charlotte and I barely remember him being there. He was like a fly on the wall. We didn't know he was there, and he caught the essence of the wedding and good times. I had to look no further.

I figured he'd be located in Charlotte and we'd have to pay for his lodging here in town. (I have no clue how my sister came across his work!) But it turns out he actually lives 5 miles down the road from me!!! It turned out to be perfect!

Eddie met RNH and I at our home one evening in November to do our Engagement Pictures. I was pretty stoked about these because I felt that we have the perfect areas at our home to be a great backdrop for the pictures. The leaves were perfect colors and Eddie came as the sun was starting to set. He took a million pictures of us at the tobacco barn, on the trails in the woods, at the pond, and in RNH's grandfather's boat. They were really special pictures that had a lot of meaning and significance in them.

When we received the pictures I was beyond ecstatic to have them. They turned out perfectly. I couldn't wait for the wedding!!! And of course, as you will be able to see in future posts- he is an excellent photographer!!! I highly recommend Eddie for anyone that is looking for a professional photographer. He also gives you the rights to his photos which is great!!!
We ended up using the photograph at the pond as our Save the Date. We uploaded the picture onto Magnet Street and created a magnet for people's refrigerator. I love getting STD's (NO not STDS!!! Save-The-Dates!!!) like these. I keep them on my fridge for forever. I still have people coming up to me and telling me that I'm still on their fridge. I love that! The STDs cost about $80 for 100, I think. They were worth every penny! I put them in Christmas cards that we sent out to everyone to tell them to save our wedding date!!! I have the 4 that were left over on our fridge still!


  1. YES! I feel so special!!! Someone told me they wave at me every time they go to get a beer out of the fridge... but that just weirded me out!