Sunday, November 22, 2009

Puppy Adventures

I'm trying to get Drake used to a lot of new things. It just seems like there are so many things for him to get used to, I'm not sure how he'll do it.

He loves being outside and I love taking him down into the woods. But I need to get him used to having a collar on. The collar we have right now is too big. But I put it on him anyways. He runs behind me in the woods with the collar in his mouth half the time, but its adorable. I take it off when we get inside so that he won't hang himself with it or anything. And of course the collar is camouflage!

I also tried to get him used to being in a boat. The boat is metal and makes a lot of noises, which don't seem to bother him. I turned the boat right-side-up and let him hang out in it while it was on dry land. He loved it! He tried jumping in and out of it, which didn't work out too well for him! I couldn't wait to take him out on the water!
I also have tried to get him used to gunfire. While he's outside in his pen, he can hear the shotgun blasts all around us. It doesn't even phase him. We'll see how he does with it being right over his head! We know that we have to be very careful not to make him gun shy, but I'm impressed with his bravery so far!
I also took him to the vet for his first visit. They gave him a clean bill of health. Afterwards I decided to treat him with a walk down Main Street in our small town. The speed limit is only 20mph and the traffic is pretty heavy, so I figured it would get him used to the cars. He seemed a bit scared of the loud ones, but otherwise it was a good walk. I also used this time to get him used to being on a leash. While we were walking, the owner of our favorite restaurant in town crossed the street and talked to Drake. Drake was ecstatic! A few blocks further and a mother/daughter couple walked out of the Orthodontist's office. They oo'd and awww'd over him! Drake was ecstatic! On the way back to the truck we saw the men in their heavy equipment putting up the Christmas wreaths and snowflakes onto the town's light poles. Even they stopped to pet Drake. And again- Drake was ecstatic!

Friends of ours came over to the house for a puppy play-date. The couple has two grown adult dogs, both mixes of Pitt, Lab, and a dingo dog! Drake loved every minute they were here. He loved sharing his swamp with them. They all got along great but Drake was sad that he couldn't run as fast and keep up with the big dogs as much.

He has gotten to experience a lot lately and I just hope its not too much for him to handle!

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