Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saving Money on Pups

I felt the need to post this because I had no idea this was a possibility. Call me stupid, but maybe I'll help someone else out too!

We just got our first lab puppy from a breeder about 2 weeks ago. On the way out the door with the new pup, the breeder casually informs me that she had used a dewormer and some vaccination on the dogs already, if I wanted to use the same brand that she had. Uhhhh what?

"Yeah, just go to Southern States and you'll see it there."

Oh... okay...

I had already called ahead to the vet to see how much the puppy's first visit would be. $75 would include the wellness check, fecal check, all vaccinations required at the puppy's age, and dewormer. I would then need to bring the puppy in for another visit for another dewormer. Then again if another dewormer was necessary and eventually for a rabies shot. $75 was just the beginning.

So I asked the breeder a bit more about the DIY-puppy thing. The conclusion: No Biggie!

I took Drake for his first vet visit to be an ultra-good mommy. I wanted someone who knew what they were talking about, to give me their opinion on him. He was given a clean bill of health after they checked out his eyes, ears, listened to his heart, and a few other things. That gave me a peace of mind and cost me $30. What happened to the $75??? Oh yeah, I didn't have to pay for his vaccinations and deworming.

So today I went to Southern States to pick up everything I need for the end of the week. Drake's vaccinations were written on the family calendar to make sure I kept up with it! Southern States had Nemex, a dewormer. $14.99 for 60mL, and you only give your dog 5mL for each 10 pounds of body weight. He's almost 10lbs, so I have a feeling that this bottle is going to last me a while! Southern States also had Solo-Jec's 7 Plus Canine Vaccine. I actually bought the 5 Plus dose because he is still a puppy. One dose costs $5.49 and protects against diseases caused by Canine Distemper, Adeonvirus 1 and 2, Parainfluenza, both Lepto viruses, and both Parvo viruses. This is the same exact thing that the vet would have given him.

So I left Southern States $20 poorer, but that is a LOT less than what it would have cost me at the vet. And that was only for the first visit. I will have to continue to give Drake his dewormers and vaccinations on a strict schedule (hence the reason he is on the family calendar!) and I should be able to keep up with it, no problem. He'll go back at 12 weeks for his rabies shot, and any other treatment that is needed.

I was pretty excited after buying Drake's first round (given by me at least) of vaccinations and once in RNH's truck, he said "You are going to give him his shots????" Um DUH! YES! He didn't think I'd be able to do it! I used to give my mother intra-muscular shots for her Multiple Sclerosis every week! And he doesn't think I'll be able to give a dog a tiny shot in the scruff? Puh-lease!!! I'll have to have RNH help hold onto him, but it should not be a problem. I'll keep you updated!

I just thought I'd share with people who didn't know. I am all for saving money, and this is definitely going to cut on the expected costs of raising a pup! Now I can buy him more chew toys!!!

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