Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We need a name for our new puppy. We get him Friday the 13th. Scary, I know. RNH says we have to wait to name him once we see what type of personality he has. I say psh. I've been thinking of several different names that I like. Now I need some suggestions or just plain old votes. Let me know what you think is a good name, based on the info I give you. I'll also list the names I'm thinking of so far...

It is a HE.
He is a pure bred, AKC registered Labrador.
He is "Fox Red," meaning that he has a reddish tint, but he is a Yellow Lab.
He will be 6 weeks old.
He will be trained for retrieving ducks.

This is about us as a couple, it may help you think of name ideas:
We love anything outdoors.
We hunt.
We love wine.
We love guns.
We love to cook.
We love football.
We love NC State University Wolfpack.
We love the Carolina Panthers.
We love the beach.
We love to travel.
We already have a Bearded Dragon (Crikey- named after Steve Irwin), a Kitty (Chloe), and six chickens (Roo and the girls).
We live in the country.
We love country and beach music.
I like to run and plan on making him my running partner.
We don't want to name it any normal human names, like Michael, Jim, or Steve.

Okay, all that being said, here are the names that I really like so far:
Tracker (would probably be a better name for a hound dog!)
Most of them are related to hunting. I almost wish we were getting a girl dog so I could name her "Benelli" and caller her Neli for short. That is just too cute.

Anyways- give me your ideas! I'd like something original, funny or cute. Help me out!


  1. I like Deak--and of course I'm partial to "Red"--kind of makes him one of "us"!!

  2. Ha Ha- Trigger is too funny :) If he humped something you could say that he's "trigger happy"... Or if you have to jerk back on his leash you could say that you've got to "pull the trigger." Oh second thought, don't use that name- I want it!!! :)

    Mrs. K

  3. Haha Mrs. K- too funny! Sorry Mom, Skinny won out- its name is Drake!!!