Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Cake- WR

This post, you may find interesting. And your assumptions that I am a weirdo will be confirmed (if they haven't been already!)
I love cake. I love yummy, moist, melt-in-your-mouth cake with a nice sugary frosting. So when it came to my wedding cake, the last thing on earth I wanted, was fondant. Yes, I get why people use it. It makes your cake look awesome, nice clean -cut lines and shapes, it doesn't melt as easy, etc etc. But this is my problem- when I eat cake, the icing to me, really is the icing on the cake! Icing is what makes a cake, a cake. When I bite into a beautiful piece of wedding cake with fondant, I want to gag. I hate getting that chewy, plastic tasting nastiness. No offense if you used fondant on your wedding cake, I'm sure it turned out beautiful, and you didn't have the problems I did with mine!
RNH and I have a restaurant in our small town that we love to eat. Its actually where we had our Rehearsal dinner. A casual country bar that serves dessert from the bakery across the street. This is where we fell in love with the cake that eventually would become our wedding cake. The lady who owns the bakery uses her great-grandmother's recipe for icing and I absolutely love it. I love the taste of the cake and the icing. I think its almost perfect, so I didn't have to look far at all when it came to finding my cake.

I also knew the look that I wanted for the cake. I wanted it to be simple and clean cut. I even drew a sketch for the baker and chose the flavors. I wanted to have a plain white cake, with the ribbon that I was using on the invitations, favors, and other parts of the wedding, wrapped around each layer of cake. Four layers, with a simple initial cake topper. Simple= beautiful. Or not so much...

I arrived at the venue after getting my hair and make up done, only to find that the bakery had already delivered the cake. It was May and it was hot. I went to the outdoor tent to check it out. The cake wasn't as clean cut as I had hoped, but it was good enough. I mean, come on. People eat the dang thing. To me, it was not the "center piece" of the wedding. Many people want the cake situated in the middle of the Reception, or whatever so it is the focal point and everyone can admire it. I already knew that I could care less about if the cake was a master focal point. Eat it, like it, be done.

But when I got a phone call later on saying that the cake was "melting" and falling apart, and that they had to move it inside... I wasn't too happy. But, such is life. After getting dressed I went downstairs and saw exactly what had happened. The top two layers had slid off the cake, creating two cakes. It wasn't the prettiest thing I've ever seen.
What's done was done and I wasn't going to get upset over it. Like I said, people eat it. The florist actually came to the rescue. She usually brings extra flowers just in case she forgets something and she used the extra flowers to top both "pieces" of the cake. It ended up looking very pretty- if only it had been one big cake instead of two! The two cakes then messed up the "look" of the cake table that I was going for. Instead of having a clean cut cake table, it was a crowded cake table. No biggie though. I got a lot of compliments on how the cake tasted and I really didn't give it too much thought.

(The sparklers weren't on the table the whole night.)

Do I hate the cake baker? No. Am I terribly upset about the way it turned out? No.
I'm not really sure why the bakery brought a cake for a 4:30 wedding at 1pm. That made no sense to me. She knew what time the wedding was. I guess she just jumped the gun. Does she still get a good review from me? Sorta. Her cakes still taste great, she just might not have the best business practices.

Am I devastated over my wedding cake? Not in the slightest! Thankfully the cake, to me, doesn't make or break an event. Its something to serve afterwards that pleases the guests- and that's exactly what it did!

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