Friday, December 18, 2009

Colors- WR

This one was an easy one for me. My entire life my three favorite colors have always been blue, green and yellow. When I was in middle school/ high school, I was a big fan of the darker shades and even decorated my bedroom in these colors. When I moved away to college, I kept the same three colors, but used a lighter version of them to decorate my room. I'm still not tired of these colors!

Teal is my all time favorite color. It reminds me of the Caribbean Ocean. Thus the reason it was the main color of the wedding. I also wanted to do something that isn't a typical wedding color. Girls always choose pink and green, black and pink, or brown and baby blue. I wanted something that would stand out and be different. Teal was it!
Lime green is my second favorite, and I love the way the two colors look together.

Yellow is just an accent color to my two favorite colors. As the wedding planning progressed, I decided I'd nix the yellow. Here are a few pictures of how it all turned out, as well as an explanation of some of the "extras" I did for the wedding. Enjoy!

The wedding party!
Coloring books for the kids!
Flip Flops for your dancing feet! They were a hit!
The favors, Jelly Bellies- the groom's favorite candy! These were also a hit. I'm still getting compliments on them from our wedding back in May! They were supposed to be tucked neatly into every one's place setting (which was just fancy-folded napkin since we were having a casual buffet-style dinner. But instead they were placed in front of the napkins, which looked like huge mini-tee pee's in front of every one's place at the table. Weird. Oh well!)
Even the punch at the cocktail hour was color-themed!
As I post more pictures, you'll be able to see the colors! It was pretty vibrant. I knew I had to be very careful to not over-do the color. As someone kindly put it- my wedding colors look like a little kid's birthday party. Thanks, that's NOT the look I was going for....
Despite what some people may think- I loved it and think everything turned out perfectly and different from any other wedding!

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