Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A while ago Skinny and her daughter Popat (an Australian Cattledog- Skinny is that right?!?!) came up to play with me and my son (Drake). Basically, we had a puppy play date! We're hiking along in the woods and the dogs are content to eat deer poop and whatever else they can find. Well, Popat ends up finding something that shocked the mess outta me!
She found an orange crab claw!

Well it turned out not to be a crab claw, but the pinchers on that thing were a pretty decent size and it was orange! The dog has a good nose because she found these little pinchers alongside the swamp. We thought she was eating deer poop and we yelled at her. I think we were pretty shocked when we found the claw of a crustacean instead!

I brought it to RNH, and he explains that its probably that of a crawdad and it has turned bright orange because it is dead. Oh. Okay.

Well today RNH and I are hiking along and Drake finds a crayfish. We had seen them before in another part of the swamp and they seem to be WAY bigger than I remember as a kid.

I was used to seeing them in the creek at my mom's house, or on the dinner table when they're steamed and bright red (yummy!) But these things look like huge nasty scorpions in the water. Yuck!

The ones that Drake found today seemed to be dead. Along our hike he would stop every-so-often and find another crawfish. He must have a good nose! Each one he found though, was dead. RNH and I thought we saw one move and then RNH suggested that they might be hibernating? Who knows.
RNH then suggests we eat them. (Not those crawfish, but ya know- a live one if we find it!) I'm not too sure how I feel about that. The swamp stinks (yes, the whole swamp gas thing- is true!) So I just imagine the crawfish tasting like swamp. And if it looks anything like it does when Drake found it, no thanks!!!
*Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure every state in the US has its own way of saying "crayfish." The water-scorpion is also known as a crawdad, crawfish, mudbugs, yabbies and spiny lobsters. In the south, we call them crawfish!!!
(This is Drake checking out a baby turtle shell. I read that dogs can chew turtle shells because they don't splinter. I was excited to give Drake his first shell... until I realized there was a baby turtle decaying-away inside. YUCK!)

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