Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Drake's First Snow

The weathermen were right for once! It snowed!

I was at work and was dreading being there because work is crazy when it snows. And its not the kind of job where I can just say- oh, its snowing, I need to leave early so I can make it home. In the big city, the snow was coming down in huge chunks, but nothing was sticking. I had a feeling that outside Raleigh, it would be a different story. I was released from work 30 minutes early so I could get home. Thank God. Once I got outside the city limits, things began to get treacherous.
RNH was ahead of me on the drive about 20 minutes. He kept calling me with updates. We were both sliding all over the roadway, along with the other people trying to get out of the city at the last minute. We finally decided that he would leave his truck at the local police department (he asked to make sure it wouldn't get towed!) and wait for me to pick him up. My truck has better tires! I barely made it into town. We were worried that the road we live on would be way-worse than the streets of our small town. They were. But we made it. Otherwise we were going to have to park it at the end of the road and walk 2 miles. I would have done it- I just wanted to be home!
Once we got home it was dark already, but that didn't stop me from taking Drake out in it! After all, it was his first time ever seeing snow! He LOVED it. He jumped around, ran through it, chased himself and circles and ate as much snow as he could. It was a pretty funny sight.

(The toy he is playing with is the Chuck-it brand's "Flying Squirrel." I highly recommend this toy for any dogs that like to play fetch or like to go after frisbees. This toy is tough and durable and FUN!)

The next morning, however, was a different story. We only got about 2 inches (which is a lot for central NC!) but the top layer had frozen. He took one step and heard the "crunch" under his paw and decided that he did not like snow anymore! He refused to go out and wanted to pee and poo in the house. There was no stopping him. (He is sneaky!) So we had a few messes to clean up that night and the next morning.

Fortunately he got the hang of the snow on the second day and began to go outside again. Whew! There was still snow on the ground 3 days later and he loved eating it! It was too much fun getting to see a puppy experience snow! I'm glad we got a rare sighting of it!

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