Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

As I begin a New Year, I'd like to reflect on the year we that has just flown by!

Biggest and Best Event:
Marrying my best friend- the only person who truly gets me and supports me in everything!!! May 2 was the best day of my life!

Travels & Wineries:
Charlotte a half-dozen times for various reasons. Always a fun time! We also got to visit Rocky River Vineyard and Old State Winery.
Southern Pines another half-dozen times, again for various reasons. And again, a fun time!
Mexico- for an awesome honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera. I highly recommend Xcaret!
Hampstead- to our friend's parent's beach house for a cold weather excursion at the beach!
Carolina Beach- a short camping excursion at the beach!
Shallotte Beach- another short beach excursion where we got into wineries- Silver Coast was the start of it all!
Morehead City- the 2009 Seafood Festival was awesome, and we got to visit Hinnant Vineyard!
Boone- a fun excursion with good friends! We got to visit the not-so-liked Buck Shoals Vineyard.
Hurdle Mills- we took a short day-trip from the house to visit Rock of Ages Vineyard.

We got 6 chickens that I love dearly.
I finally got my biggest wish of all- Drake the Labrador!!!

Other Highlights:
RNH and I finished our second year in our dream home. Yes it may be a tad small, but perfect for just us two and we love our 5 acres. We never thought we'd be able to find a home that really lets us enjoy all of our hobbies and more! God has truly blessed us in this perfect find!
My sister moved from 3 hours away, to only 20 minutes away and I love seeing her every bit that I can!
Work has been awesome this past year, despite the bad things and politics, I have a BFF to share the craziness and excitement with! She doesn't know how much I appreciate her friendship and her willingness to always help me out of a pickle! Haha! Your awesome Skinny!!!
I gained another family- RNH's family! We don't get to see them often because of our job, and they seem to have a lot going on, but they're still a loving family that I'm happy to be a part of!

Thankfully there aren't many.
I lost my grandfather on my dad's side to old-age. He was a hard person to get to know these past 25 years. I saw him once a year when I was younger. The older I got, the less I saw him. I loved him, the little that I knew of him.
eerT, my beloved White's tree frog that I was given in high school also passed away of old age. He was an easy pet!

At this point I think I've hit on most of the major things. I'm drawing a blank for the moment, so I guess I better stop. RNH and I have to go to bed at 9pm tonight, so I won't be seeing the LED ball drop on TV this year. Oh darn. RNH is making it a celebration anyways- we're having tilapia and snow crab legs for dinner, YES! I can only hope and pray that 2010 is just as awesome as this year was. God has truly blessed me beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I feel much closer to him this year and only hope that in 2010 he will draw me in even more! Bring it on 2010!!! Happy New Year!!!


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope God blesses you and your wonderful RNH 1000 times over in 2010!

  2. You are awesome too! I would be so sad without you :(