Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Ok, let me preface this post by saying that I may be a weeeeee bit intoxicated. Oops! Anyways, here's the 4-1-1!

Today RNH and I spent our first married Christmas together! It was raining, so we pretty much opened presents, ate, watched TV, ate, watched movies, ate, watched DVDs, ate, and then started drinking! I got everything I asked for, including an iPod workout arm-holder thingy, an iPod FM tuner thingy to listen to the iPod in my car, and some negligee (sp???) to wear while I dance to music on my iPod. COMPLETELY joking, but seriously. What girl DOESN'T want a secret for Christmas???!?! I haven't tried it on yet, but don't worry... I'll wear it later! :) RNH and I set a $100 limit on each other, (which, what I've heard from co worker's stories... is a GREAT idea!), and I think he was pretty pleased with the stuff I got him!

Okay, now here's the real "meat" of my post-

I ordered a DVD RNH wanted (Spies Like Us, yes the Chevy Chase movie from the '80's, and The Office, Season Quatro), and it never came to my door step. I was upset, because this was part of my Christmas present to him. I woke up around 8am and checked the mail box (which I SELDOM do) and lo' and behold, the gift is in the dang mailbox!!!! So of course I had to do some explaining, and then ran into the guest room to wrap the present real quick. It all worked out- he was excited! Ok, NOW for the meat and potatoes.

Out of the mailbox, I also retrieve a Christmas card from RNH's grandparents that live in Florida. Keep in mind, I've never met these people. I open the card with care, and out falls a $50 check. That is really really nice, I think to myself. Then I read the card... on it is written "Hi RNH and Me, Hope the two of you are doing well. Here is your X-mas check, and you know checks will go to your children, whenever you bless us with great-grands. Have a happy, healthy, holy, & blessed Christmas, Love, Nanny or Grandma & Grandpa Little." Ummmmmmm WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!??!?!?! Are you SERIOUS????? Okay, let me breathe for a second. I get it- they're good old Southern people, and it is UNHEARD OF, for a couple to go a year of marriage without having a kid on the way. Well... NEWS FLASH! RNH and I have a VERY, VERY demanding job, where we have to worry about life or death on a regular basis, and the hours are impossible, PLUS we just don't want to have a dang kid at the moment!!!! SHEESH... CAN'T I GO THROUGH A HOLIDAY WITHOUT BEING PRESSURED TO BEAR A CHILD???? Okay, sorry... I'm calm now. Its just that RNH and I KNOW we're too selfish to have bring a child into the world at this moment and we feel that we need to enjoy our lives as much as possible before that time comes. And I'll be blatantly honest here, I will not mind if God has not planned for us to ever have children. We basically have a zoo/farm here at the house, and I love taking care of my "babies" which is actually a LOT of work, and I LOVE being with RNH. I LOVE him. I LOVE to spend time with him and do the things we do. We LOVE to travel (mostly locally since its cheaper!) but we love to love each other. Kids would screw all of that up. I'm having fun, as is RNH. When we're ready, or when God decides to bless us, that will be it. But we really don't need any pressure from grandparents we hardly know, or haven't EVER met. Thank you! :)

Also- I got a Facebook friend request. From a 10 year old boy I used to babysit. Okay- a little background. I used to babysit this kid during college. He was seriously the cutest kid you've ever seen. I had to pick him up from elementary school and take him home for the afternoon. Sometimes (especially on Mondays,) I would come home with him, to a townhome filled with empty beer bottles and liquor bottles. The entire home stunk of rancid alcohol. No environment for a young man. We'd go outside and play with the neighborhood kids (which were mostly foreign and we couldn't talk to), and I'd try to clean up the house a little bit so things wouldn't be so bad. I got paid $5 an hour, which is CHEAP for a babysitter, and I would transport him around town if his mother needed. Basically I felt bad for their entire situation. His dad was in prison (prison- like doing time) for some financial stuff. His mom and dad were divorced and he barely knew his dad at all. Anyways- things progress- I move on to working at shoe store that pays a bit more, and they move on as well. Years down the road, I get a FB friend request from his mom. I gladly accept, learning that the kid is now living with his dad that recently got out of prison... hmph. Then... I get a FB request (from his mom) to be his friend. A 10 year old's got a Facebook page. Ugh. I'm pretty much disgusted. But of course I accepted his request. I'm sure its actually his mother that is doing the page-managing.... Anyways. I just find the entire situation very disturbing.

On that note, I'm having increasingly difficulty typing and probably should quit drinking so RNH and I can go attempt for that "Christmas Goose" we want so bad.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!!!


  1. You might want to get an interlock for your blog...

  2. You totally need to pop out a baby right now. NOT!

  3. Maybe they just want more amazing people in the world like you and your dear RNH.....ever thought of that?! However, I am not one of those people....a child would prevent me from being able to live vicariously through your crazy stories!