Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Obsessions

I have succumbed... internet shopping! Omg- it is the easiest thing EVER!!! Especially when you live in the boondocks and the closest thing to you is a Dollar Store. I bought the majority of RNH's Christmas from Bass Pro Shop online. Even though we were at the store, in person this past weekend and spent $400, plus our entire Christmas came from the store. Maybe we should buy stock in that place... Today was the last day I could get the presents shipped before Christmas. I can't believe I've been so slack this year with him. I've taken care of everyone else, but him! That is terrible! And to top it all off- I think this will be our first Christmas together, not to mention as a married couple! (Since we usually have to work Christmas day.) Man I'm bad! Anyways- I was also told that has free shipping. Sweet! I've never used Amazon, but RNH wanted The Office Season 4, and it was on sale for $22! He also mentioned Spies Like Us (yes, the 1989 movie with Chevy Chase in it!) I did a quick search and found it for $8! And THEN I had free shipping! I don't think it could have been easier! Especially if you figure, a 30 minute drive to the nearest Best Buy, an estimated 25 minutes to get some do-do bird to help me, another estimated 10 minutes to find the dang movie, only to find that it is either out of stock, or way too much money for a 1980's movie with Chevy Chase in it, and then another 30 minute drive back. Yeah, internet shopping is AWESOME!

I have found what all of the hype is for with iPods. I love mine! I just got the Nano, but it is seriously the coolest thing ever. I'm newly obsessed with iTunes and LOVE being able to download a song I've had stuck in my head for days within seconds. It seriously is the coolest thing out there.

My dog. Yes, I'm sure you knew that. He is my best friend and I love him.

Tights. Yes, I said it- tights. They are the new best thing! No, I'm not wearing them like Miley Cyrus. I'm not that fashionable! But I'm wearing them a lot more because its cold outside. I wear them at 4:30am when I take Drake on his regular work-morning walk. And I'm also wearing them to the gym. I get a little more sweaty than usual, but I feel good in them. Not only can I see my fat rolls shrinking (I know- gross!) but I also don't have to hide the fact that I HATE (probably because I'm too lazy!) to shave my legs on a regular basis in the winter, and I also just feel more "secure" in them. When I stretch, or when I'm on my back doing a bench press, I don't feel like my cooch is out there for everyone to see. I hope I'm not grossing anyone out here. I've been buying the Danskin brand from Walmart because the tights are only $7. Not bad.

The Road to Fitness. Seriously- its like having our own private gym. When RNH and I go, it seems to be the perfect time. No one is there. Ever. I talked to the owner and he says their slam-packed from about 3pm and on. Good thing for us we knock it out anywhere from 10am to noon. We're good. We have every piece of equipment to our disposal, and the best thing is that we don't have to worry about stinky people, people answering their cell phones, or just any other weirdos that the gym attracts. (This one time I was at a Planet Fitness and I walked into the ladies locker room. I used to be a gym rat and knew exactly where the ladies locker room was. But when I walked in this time, I saw a man. I didn't even think, Oh! Maybe I'm in the wrong locker room!!! Because I knew I was in the right place. And this man was sitting on the locker room bench, watching the television. But he also had red lipstick on and was wearing two hoop earrings. Yup. A transy. I don't think he was really a transvestite, I think he was a creep-o that just wanted to try and spy on women changing. I promptly left. And quit going there!)

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