Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Road to Fitness

Yup... we're on it! RNH and I were told about a gym in our small town and we finally decided to check it out. We got to work-out for free and loved it. It felt great to be in a gym again. I used to be a gym-rat in college and RNH played college football, so we both miss having a good exercise routine. The gym is a little bit on the expensive side for what it is, but you can't beat driving 2.8 miles to the gym, instead of the 30 that we'd have to drive to get to a popular gym in town. I just wouldn't go! The gym is actually in a strip mall, you know, one of the shopping centers that has the typical Food Lion, Dollar General, Subway, Nail Shop and Chinese take-out. Yup. They fit the gym into the size of a Subway.
It is actually pretty good. They've got the newer treadmills that don't tear your knees up, as well as the elliptical trainers that I'm partial to. The thing we were pretty excited about is their large amount of free weights and weight-lifting machines. The first day we were there for 2 hours, just excited to get back into a gym... and I was sore enough the next day to know that my body missed it too! They also offer a few classes, like Spinning, throughout the week that I might like to try!

RNH and I had been working out on a semi-regular basis here at the house. We live on a pretty busy road, so running on the street makes for a treacherous trip. You risk either being hit by a car, or bit by a crazed animal. Not fun. RNH began getting into a circuit-training regiment that would mix running about an eighth of a mile to the pond and back, with workouts in between running sets, like doing push ups, situps, or whatever else to get some strength-training in while keeping the heart-rate up. It was a very good workout, but I just didn't get excited about it.

I then tried the FitTV channel. Gilad kicked my butt but his tight spandex worried me. I was afraid something would pop out of there. Sharon Mann's craziness also scared me. "Shimmy" just isn't the workout for me, and neither is Yoga. I did become obsessed with Cathy Fredrich, but didn't have enough equipment to keep up with her.
I then asked RNH for th Firm's Wave. It seems pretty cool and legit. And you don't need a lot of space inside your home for the workout. Plus the people that came up with it are from South Carolina. If someone from SC can get skinny on this thing, I can too. SC is like the armpit of the United States. They don't do much working out in that state... JUST kidding to any South Carolinians that read this! I do most of my vacationing there- so no harm!!! Anyways- now that we joined the gym for a year, I asked for different things instead of the Wave. Like an armband for the iPod I've got coming to me in the mail! *If you're interested in an iPod but don't want to dish out big bucks- check out the refurbished iPods from Apple. I wouldn't get one off Amazon, or any other similar place because you're not guaranteed much, unlike getting one straight from the Apple store. Plus its free shipping!!!! I bought the smaller- iPod Nano. I mean, do I really want to store over 2,000 songs??? I don't think so!*

Anyways- just thought I'd share my excitement of getting back into a gym! Oh, and I guess I should have explained the title to my post- its the name of the gym!

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  1. I saw the wave in the as seen on tv store. I think a gym membership is way better. And "thank you for trusting me with your body."