Monday, December 28, 2009

Vaccination Mishap

Drake is coming up on his need for another shot, they are due at 3 to 4 week intervals. This being said, I realized that I forgot to tell everyone how my first shot experience went! It didn't go exactly as planned...

I used to give my mom intramuscular shots for Multiple Sclerosis. It was a very easy thing to do, so I thought that giving a pup one would be no biggie. Well, I was wrong.

The last shot I gave was probably 8 years ago, and I won't beat around the bush- I forgot how to do them. For some reason I thought I'd have a prepared syringe. When we first started my mom's shots, we had to mix the syringe. Eventually there was some sort of breakthrough and her shots came prepared in the syringe.

To my surprise, I opened the bag and found two vials, one with cake and one with liquid. I read the directions to mix the vials, okay- no biggie. I had some difficulty in getting all of the liquid out of the syringe since the tip of the needle doesn't reach to the bottom of the vial. Mixing was no big deal, and again, a little difficulty getting all of the mixture into the syringe. Then, I skip a step.

I knew something was wrong, something was different. But I just couldn't put my finger on it.
Then, mid-shot, I realized... I forgot to get the air out of the syringe.

Shoot. People that have never given shots watch movies and know that you need to do that! Flick the syringe and shoot a little liquid out of the top! DUH! Not me, I forget.

I get RNH to help me hold Drake down. Of course Drake freaks out and is scared silly. He is jumping around, meanwhile I'm trying to hold his scruff and get the needle into his neck and not into my own hands. I ended up jabbing him a total of 5 times. Each time he'd "yelp" and it would break my heart. I was surprised at how tough dog skin is compared to human skin!

The aspirating, where the needle is in his neck, and you have to pull out a bit on the plunger-syringe part to make sure you're not in his veins... was the most difficult. You have to be fast! While I was aspirating, I realized the big mistake I had made about not getting the air out of the syringe. I noticed that most of the air was behind the liquid, so I decided to push the plunger only after all of the liquid was gone. That way the air would stay in the syringe.

After realizing what I had done, I called RNH's mom because she is a nurse. She explained that I would have had to put a LOT of CC's of air into someone to kill them. She said the most damage I might have done would be a small cyst that would develop. She said as long as the cyst didn't become infected, it would be fine and eventually go away by itself.

Well, it has been 3 weeks later and there is no cyst, thank God! He never seemed to be affected by the entire experience, so hopefully next week's vaccination will go much smoother! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!
He also seems to be doing well with the de-wormer. He loves to lick it out of his bowl so it must taste good!
Now if I could only get him to stop eating the deer and chicken poop...!!!

On another note, I planted 2 rows of garlic today! We've had several frosts and even a rare snow, so I think I'm a bit late in the planting. We also had a torrential downpour a few days ago, so I'm worried that the garlic will get too wet and rot. Hopefully out of the two rows I'll have some good bulbs! We'll see!