Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can We Say We Live On A Farm Now?

RNH wants to get ducks. Yes, ducks. And yes, RNH wants the animal this time- not me!!!

RNH is planning on purchasing a few Rouen ducklings this spring. Rouens are domesticated Mallards that are about twice the size of a regular wild mallard. Since they are so heavy, they do not fly. RNH is planning on purchasing the ducklings and placing them at the pond. This will help attract wild ducks to the pond for hunting.

I'm beyond excited about this!!!
These are the only problems I see:
The pond is sorta far from the house. The chicken coop is about a half a football field away from my back door, and going out there all the time is kind of a pain in the butt. And then to have ducks all the way down at the pond, I'm not sure they will be easy to take care of. However if RNH plans on planting millet, they will eat that. They also probably won't need constant watering because they've got the pond. Not sure about this- we'll need to do some research. We'll also need to feed them regular waterfowl feed, but like I said, it will be hard to go down there everyday if that is what they require.
We're raising a duck dog. I've been trying to train him more and more to retrieve ducks. We're still working on hard ground since he's still young and the pond was frozen over just last week! But if we have ducks that live at the pond, he might not know the difference and want to retrieve them as well! Right now I'm having a hard enough time trying to teach him not to go after mommy's chickens!!!
Ducks lay eggs just like any other bird- will this be a big deal if our ducks reproduce? How many ducks is too many? How many ducks are we even going to purchase?
Anyways- I'm just super excited about getting a duckling. They are SO cute and SO fun! Plus it will be fun having ducks on the pond year-round. I hope this is something we actually follow through on!!!

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