Saturday, January 23, 2010

Curtain Dilemma

I don't have a ton of people up to the house that often, and I need help. So y'all will have to help me out.

I painted the kitchen doors that lead out to the deck this weekend. I didn't realize how badly these doors needed to be painted until I put the first paint stroke on. They were disgustingly dingy. No amount of cleaning would make these suckers white again. I also did the trim in the kitchen. I swear, it feels like the kitchen is brand new!!!

RNH and I go in and out of these kitchen doors several times a day. We also like to look out the windows of these doors very often. When we go away for the weekend, we'd prefer no one to be able to see inside our back doors. With all of this being said, I decided I wanted window treatments of some sort for the doors.

I ended up at Target (because drapes are somewhat reasonably priced there) and I know they have a red color of curtain that comes close to matching our paint. I ended up purchasing a set of curtains that were on clearance, $10, so its not that bad. But please tell me what you think. I'm not sure what to do!

As you can see, the color of red does not exactly match the paint. Unfortunately, it is the closest I have been able to find. Then, the major problem is that the curtains are too short!!! These curtains are 63 inches. The 84 inch curtains would be way too long. I thought about going that route and pinning them up, but since these are on clearance, the 84" weren't there.
Too short at the top.
And too short at the bottom. From further away, it doesn't look as bad, but this is something that I would probably look at every time I see the curtains. Ugh.
The semi-solution: Since RNH and I love to look out the windows and into the backyard, we would usually have the curtains put up. I just drape them onto each other and get them out of the way. The only time the curtains would be down is when we are out of town (so I won't be around to judge them every time I walk by!) Or on summer mornings when the eastern sun is just too hot.
Anyways- what do you think? If it is terrible, I'd only be out $10, so no biggie. But I'm stuck as to how to create window treatments for these doors!!! And P.S. - I don't like blinds on doors. Thanks! :)


  1. No idea. I mean, you've seen my curtains or lack thereof.

  2. I think those magnetic poles at the top might be your answer. You could drop them down a little bit, and I think it might be fine. It would be worth a try. You could try it and return it if it doesn't work out.

  3. Yaaaay thanks China!!! I KNEW you'd have an answer!!! You'll have to help me out with it next time you're here! xo!