Saturday, January 23, 2010

Garden Excitement

I'm sure I'm driving all of my friends nuts. This spring I am going full-tilt into gardening. This will be the first year *fingers crossed* when I can devote a majority of my off-time to gardening. The first year I could even have a garden, we were moving into the house. The second year, I was having to plan a wedding and get married. This year, we have nada. Nothing.

Gardening is all I talk about. I even went so far as to start a gardening journal. I think it will really help my endeavors. I started off by listing each vegetable that I would like to grow, how much I paid for seeds last year, what date it was planted, how fruitful the yield was, etc. Keeping track of this will allow me to maximize my production in the garden.

I also googled "home gardening, North Carolina" and ended up with boat-loads of information from my Alma mater, NC State University. Duh- why didn't I ever think of that! The college has a very vast horticultural program and is basically known for farming. I found a ton of on-line articles about tons of vegetables and information on growing them specifically in NC. Even so far as to what region of NC I am in. Pretty neat. And of course I recorded all of these tips and tidbits of info in my handy-dandy journal!

I got pretty excited about everything and decided to mark off my garden space. This year it will be 24 x 48 feet. Yes, that is over 1,000 square feet. YIKES!!! I found an NCSU article that planned out at garden, complete with diagram of where each vegetable should be planted according to the cardinal directions. It was a 1,000 square foot garden and the note underneath the diagram stated that "a garden of this size will take approximately 30 minutes of work a day." Ha- we'll see about that!

I am also going to attempt to grow everything by seed (except tomatoes) and start them indoors. I've got my south-facing window ready with trays and seed-starting medium. All of this material is just staring at me as I'm typing. Beckoning me to get dirt under my finger nails!!!

February I begin to sow the eggplant and onions indoors. Only a few weeks away- YES!

I am also hoping to plant smart this year. For example, instead of planting all of my rows of corn at the same time, plant them 2 weeks apart so the yield is steadily flowing in. Hopefully that will work!

I'm still working on my compost, which is full of chicken poo. Yum! I tested our soil and we've got a great 6.0 pH, which is perfect for veggie growing!

To add to all of the excitement, RNH and I purchased a tiller!!! That big purchase deserves a post of its own!!! I love that baby!

Today I dug up these bulbs that I had planted right outside the deck last year. I think they are gladiolas? I hate them. They were a beautiful white flower, but as soon as they bloomed, they fell over. I'm sorry but if you're not producing anything I can eat, you better be able to handle yourself on your own. I'm not going to be spending my time pinning you back and helping you stand up straight. So I dug these suckers up and tossed them. I needed the space for the herb garden I'm also planning on having. It is a small 2 by 4 foot space that will be right outside the kitchen for maximum accessibility!

Here is a list of what I'm growing this year!
Silver Queen Sweet Corn
Clemson Spineless Okra
Green Goliath Broccoli
Marketmore 76 Cucumber
Burpee Hybrid II Cucumber
Summer Squash
Black Beauty Zucchini
Black Beauty Eggplant
Kentucky Blue Pole Beans
Bush Blue Lake 156 Beans
Aztec Gold Sunflowers
Sweet Onion
Roma Tomatoes
Better Boy Tomatoes

Sweet Basil
Mammoth Dill
Flat Leaf Parsley

Who's coming over to eat?!?!


  1. I'll definitely come over to eat and take any extras you would like to give away. I'm figuring you can learn how to grow this stuff and then by the time I have my yard in order you can just tell me exactly what to do.

  2. Haha I HOPE so!!! I just hope I can handle a garden this size... we'll see! But you know you'll get the extras!!!

  3. We are planting a much smaller garden this year... for the first time. Where do you get your seeds??? -BHurst

  4. We're going backwards from each other B! I got them from Lowes in the Bull City- I got them from Wally World last year, but they haven't put theirs out yet. I've been so excited about my garden plans, I was itching to get some seeds!!!