Thursday, January 28, 2010

Le Jardin

I'm pretty obsessed with my garden this year (if you couldn't tell) and I'm almost getting depressed because of this weather. I'm so ready to get out there. I can't even till up the dang garden yet because the ground is too wet, and its supposed to snow tomorrow. Yeah... snow. In North Carolina??? Yeah. Ugh. Well, even the Farmer's Almanac said we'd have a much colder winter with more snow than usual. Great. Just my luck!

Anyways, to curb my winter depression, I've been planning and gathering all of my necessary items. I also mapped out my garden and put stakes in the ground to mark the new land. I'm thinking this will make tilling much easier.

This is last year's garden. Small and manageable. I had to hand-plow all of what you see. That is not easy. Back-breaking work. I did very well with weeding and keeping track of harvesting. The garden went very well, despite the fact that I was getting married. The month that I was supposed to plant, was the same month that I was getting married and going on a honeymoon. I had to wait a whole month later to plant. That meant that I was behind. Far behind. Even though that was a problem, everything went well except for the pumpkins and cantaloupe. They failed. I'm not even going to attempt them this year. Everything I am growing should be pretty self-reliant. The tomatoes I might have to keep a real good eye on. We'll see!
This is the area that I have to work with this year. 1,000 square feet! As I said, I've staked out the garden and even put some twine up to see how big the space really will be. Ummm... its gonna be huge! YES!

Gaaaah, can't we get this winter over with already!??!?!

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