Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Not-So-Wild Wild Life Cam

I bought RNH a wildlife game camera for his birthday last month. He was pretty excited to get it, and I was excited to give it to him. We only spend about $100 on each other for our birthdays, so I didn't have much to work with when it comes to buying these expensive things. They're usually priced at $100 and up. I did a lot of research based on on-line reviews for different cameras that were in my price range. And I also waited for the best one, in my price range, to go on sale. I was pretty proud of all of the research did and was confident in my purchase.
Well, RNH has put the camera out near the chicken coop, where he feeds the deer year-round. He puts down corn, apples and a salt lick for them on a regular basis. We got excited every night for a week after his birthday, but each morning- disappointment. But- we think we've figured out why.
Before leaving for work one night, I had to close up the chicken coop. I went out there in my work clothes and began to do my normal routine, when all of a sudden ***FLASH*** I was blinded by the camera. Not just "blinded," but seriously blinded for several minutes. And after that I was seeing spots!

We think the ginormous flash is scaring off the deer. We did get a deer-butt. But nothing showing us what is really out there. We see monster deer prints on a regular basis, we just don't know how big these suckers are!
We're trying to move the camera around on several different trees to see what angles will work the best and catch the deer off-guard before they can escape the camera's view. We also found a pretty regular "poo" spot for some sort of animal. We're thinking we'd like to try there next! Who knows what we'll find! I just hope we get something!!!

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