Friday, January 1, 2010

Old Stone Vineyard, Salisbury NC

RNH and I decided to check out a vineyard on our way to have an early Christmas with my mom in Charlotte. Since we'd be traveling south on I-85, we figured a vineyard 5 miles off the highway would do just fine. With a puppy in-tow, we drove to the town of Granite Quarry, North Carolina and looked for a vineyard.

I was surprised to not find a vineyard, but a winery. I thought in a small town, there would be fields upon fields of grapes. Nope- not this time. Just a regular old store front. Cute, but not what I was expecting, and I'll admit- I was disappointed.
Once I stepped inside I saw a tasting bar and rows and rows of wine. RNH and I stepped up for a tasting. $10 for a full tasting and you get to keep the glass. Now we're talking!

RNH and I had an awesome wine host. Turns out he was actually the winery's "wine maker." Seriously. He knew everything there was to know about wine. I learned a ton and he seemed very eager to share his knowledge. RNH and I kept sipping and listening. By the time we were done we were the ones doing the talking, and kept repeating ourselves... "Y'all need to bring this up to the triangle area... blah blah blah." We left there feeling like we made a new friend, and broke the bank on a half case of wine. Tipsy or not, the wine this winery makes is phenomenal. They're not a huge winery, and not sold all over North Carolina, but we really wish they were! I highly recommend stopping in for a tasting, or even just grabbing a bottle to go. They're all excellent!

It also helped that this place was dog-friendly and let us walk Drake in the few rows of vines that they had. Drake loved his first winery!

After the winery we decided, instead of getting back on I-85 south, we'd hang out in the small town of Salisbury. RNH's dad finished up his college there and RNH wanted to eat the hot dog stand he and his dad ate at when he was a kid. We tried, but it turns out "Al's Nighthawk," was now a laundry mat. Instead we ate at a hot dog counter, "Happs." One of the best hot dogs I've ever had because of the chili- really, REALLY good chili!!! There isn't any sitting room so we had to eat outside. We also had to wait in line, and they were sold out of hamburgers! I highly suggest this place to anyone that is stopping through the small town!

The other great thing: Happs' had diet Cheerwine... in a bottle. I'm sure everyone would agree, sodas taste so much better out of a bottle! And Cheerwine was actually born in Salisbury, NC! It was a perfect combination- hot dogs and Cheerwine!

For those of you that aren't from the Carolinas, more than likely, you've never had Cheerwine and may have never even heard of it. It is a cherry drink, somewhat like Dr. Pepper, only more cherry-ish and much more carbonated than other sodas. It is DELISH!!!

Cheerwine was founded in 1917 by Carolina Beverage Coporation!!!

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  1. Did you know it was J. Miller's (great?)grandpa that invented Cheerwine? Cool, huh!?