Friday, January 29, 2010

A Redneck Bathroom

For Christmas, RNH and I received an awesome gift- a finished bathroom (and some!) Our camouflaged bathroom is finally complete thanks to my mom and sister! The even better thing- we also got another shower curtain (I love them both and couldn't decide which one I liked better!) that has Labrador puppies all over it! I'm thinking when we get tired of the camo, or the John Deere in the master bath, we will use the puppy shower curtain instead. Decisions! Decisions!

We got matching towels for Christmas too!A duck stamp tin sign, with a duck stamp from our first year in the house and duck feathers from the first duck RNH shot! I have a really neat picture of him holding two ducks up, but I have to get it printed!And the lab puppy accessories that go with our camo-theme, and the lab puppy shower curtain that we'll eventually use! TOO cute!Yes, these are Redhead bath accessories!!!Classy Camo- if there even is such a thing!!! Now this is Redneck!!!


  1. :) You've got a huntin bathroom, I like it

    BTW You think YOU have redneck bathroom...if I ever get myself together I put some pics of mine up o.0