Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scared Silly

RNH and I are back from our Wilmington/ Southern Pines Holiday trip. It was a blast, so I'll talk about that later. Also tomorrow RNH turns 31... YIIKES! And we're working because we forgot to look and take the day off. Oops!


Today we have a friend and his two large dogs over to romp around in the woods with Drake. I know he is coming, so I try to plan ahead (since I didn't last time!) and put the chickens up in the coop before he gets there. The chickens have complete freedom to go anywhere they choose, including the front yard near the busy street (maybe they're trying to cross the road?) and into neighbor's yards. But whatever. I can't just call them back to their coop and put them up. They come in at nightfall, which so far hasn't been a problem.

Today I decide to try and entice the chickens back to the coop with a little hard boiled egg. Yes, weird, but chickens like to eat eggs. So the first chicken I see is Roo. I walk up to him with a piece of egg in my hand and calmly ask him if he wants some egg. He quickly begins walking sideways, staring at me the entire time and then ruffles up his feathers. I immediately realize that he is going to charge at me. I have no defense other than my boiled egg. But I can't sacrifice the egg.

Thankfully I had just got home from the gym and had my running shoes on. That damn rooster chased me at least the length of a football field. And I'm not talking about a straight run. I'm talking about through the garden, around the back of the shed, down the hill into the mud, through the tall grass and then back up the hill towards the pear tree and up to the deck. He is flapping his wings and running after me the entire time. And he is right on my heels. I make it safely onto the deck and run into the house. Roo never came up onto the deck but he was waiting right there at the bottom of the steps.

I am sucking wind and my adrenaline is pumping. All from a .rooster. I can't believe what had just happened. I am TOTALLY embarrassed. RNH had gone to Southern States to pick up some feed real quick and wasn't home. He had been telling me how the rooster had been charging him lately, but I just laughed it off. Roo and I have a special relationship where we hang out in the garden together. Well, not anymore.

I guess this gives an entirely new meaning to "chicken sh*t."
And now I can't even go into my backyard without wielding a stick. Ugh.


  1. Sounds like Roo needs to spend some special time with his Nana. :) :) Poor boy--oops, I mean I'm so sorry that happened to you! :)

  2. Oh you're MORE than welcome to have him! And once you're done with him, you'll want to eat him too! :)