Monday, January 25, 2010

We're Tillerific!!!

Yes, RNH and I bought a tiller. After hours and hours of online research, I finally decided to go for the Yard Machine, sold at Home Depot.

We purchased the Yard Machine 208 cc Rear Tine Tiller that has 12" long tines and 18" tilling width!

Yes, it was $650, but totally worth it. Why am I not renting one instead? Here is the dealio: I'm going to be tilling the land up at least 4 times a year. Once in February to prime the soil, put fertilizer down, compost, etc to get the garden ready for Spring. Then again in spring to loosen it up for planting. I will then till under the spent vegetables, unless I've placed them in my compost pile, and more than likely plant a small winter garden, or rye or wheat grass to put nutrients back into the soil for the next growing season. I will also use the tiller to expand the rose bed and gardenia bed that I have surrounding the deck.

RNH wants to use the tiller in the woods to start a food plot for turkey. He also plans to grow some millet around the pond to attract wild ducks. He is ultimately planning on re-seeding the entire front lawn to make it look nice. Right now we have a "country" yard, meaning we don't do a dang thing to it. RNH wants at least a nice front yard, with a country yard in the back. Kinda like a mullet- business in the front, party in the back!

Anyways- I think we'll get a lot of use out of it. As soon as we brought it home I was out there trying to till up the garden. It had been raining for quite some time, so of course it was just a huge sloppy mess and I couldn't really till anything. There was a few feet of drier soil where I could see what the tiller will do- it is gonna be awesome!!! I'm just praying that the rain stops for a little bit so it will dry out and I can use this new machine. Currently as I'm typing- its raining. Grrr!

The best thing about finally owning a tiller- not having to wait for my drunk neighbor to sober up and come over with the tractor!!! I'm planting ON TIME this year!!!

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