Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Big, White, Uninvited Guest

It snowed. I hate snow. Actually, I'll clarify- I love to look at the snow, love to play in the snow, and love to be snowed-in. But just for a day. After that, I'm over it. This past weekend we had 8 inches of snow at the house. That is almost the largest amount of snow I've ever seen in my life! When I was 9 I lived in Charlotte and we got a whole foot there! Not quite a foot here, but almost!

The snow stuck around, turned to ice, and the whole shabang. I had to call in to work on Saturday night because I couldn't get out of the road I live on. RNH got snowed in at work and had to stay at a friend's house because he couldn't make it home. Just like the Farmer's Almanac said- we'd have a big winter snow this year. I was born and raised in the south, and yes- we panic when it snows. We don't know how to drive in it. That's because we're never around it! Despite my lack of experience driving in such harsh conditions, I did a great job this weekend! I had to travel my 30 miles to and from work 4 times this weekend during the craziness.... and I didn't wreck!

Anyways- Drake and I went and checked out our surroundings. Being in the country makes you appreciate the snow more and really see God in all of his glory. Here are a few sights that we saw:
Our homestead!
Drake got an ice beard! And when he got an icicle wiener, I had to take him inside!
He had to check on his girls! The chickens weren't sure what to think of the snow!
The pond all frozen over.
Frozen swamp.

This isn't my tractor, but you'd think that if it is parked on my land all year, I'd be using it! Oh well- it makes a beautiful picture!

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