Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dam Beaver!

It was actually three weekends ago that we noticed this, but we have a new guest at the pond- a beaver! We had gone to visit my mom for the weekend and when we came back and checked things out, there it was: a beaver dam/ lodge.
The pond is man-made and there is even an "over-flow dam" listed on our land survey. The beaver took it upon itself to dam up the dam! The dam isn't huge just yet, but it has definitely stopped the water from flowing through. The pictures don't show this, but as the days went on, there was a large amount of mud that had been pushed up on the edges of the pond- the beaver's failed attempts to dam up the water flow.
We still haven't seen the furry creature, probably because they are mostly nocturnal, but its obvious he's there! I know during hunting season the beaver in the swamp made his presence known very loudly by thwacking his tail on the surface of the water. I keep waiting to hear that noise there, but I never do. Maybe its because the beaver is terrified of Drake?
Here is Drake jumping over/on the beaver's home. If that beaver is asleep under the lodge he is beginning to build, I'm sure he wakes up when Drake stomps across his home!

We were told that beavers have been a problem in the area for quite some time. We've always run into their dams and lodges in the swamp areas, but its odd that a beaver made its way to the pond. We were also told that people used to use dynamite (?) of some sort to blow up their dams. Poor beavers. I have never been that close to one until I had seen one that had been hit by a car on our road. Their coats are so beautiful and thick. I see why people value their furs so much- they're very nice!

We also found the top part of a beaver skull. It was obviously a younger beaver since adult beavers can reach up to 55 lbs! My guess is that this one weighed about 20lbs. I'll have to upload a picture of the skull soon. Pretty neat!

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  1. We have beaver dams on both of our properties. We don't really like the beavers, but we never even thought of blowing them up! Poor beavers.

    On the property which we now rent out the beavers used to be very destructive - there was a small stream, they dammed it up into a large muddy lake. Every tree in the area was taken down by them. In 5 years the area changed so much because of the beavers - I liked the small stream better, not the huge muddy, messy swamp. The swamp was a hike away from the house, so it didn't hurt the property much. The beavers were HUGE - we often would see them in the swamp. I haven't gone back to the swamp in a few years, since we rented out the house.

    At the property in which we currently live we also have beavers. The stream is quite a distance from the house - a ride on an ATV. The beavers are not as bad as at the other place, but they are beginning their homes. I can't blame the animals for building their homes, but I don't like them destroying the trees.