Sunday, February 7, 2010



We had our first two eggs just the other day! I'll admit- I hadn't been out the coop much (except to make sure they had food and water) for the past three days because of the snow. When the sun broke through, I went out there and decided to check if it was time to clean their nest boxes. To my surprise, I lift up the door and VOILA! Two little brown eggs!!! I was beside myself with excitement!!!
I brought the eggs in and tried to scrape of the gunk (aka chicken poo). If you keep your nest boxes clean, you don't have to worry about this- but because of the weather I had been slightly lazy, hence the semi-poopy egg. Not to worry though- you can just brush the poo off and use the egg. I had purchased an $0.89 kitchen brush that lightly scratches any dirt or pine shavings off the egg.

I love the tiny brown speckles on the eggs! They're so cute!!!

I know there is a lot of different opinions on whether or not to wash eggs before consumption. I've done a lot of reading and talked to RNH's grandma about it. I've determined that I will not wash my eggs. Commercial eggs are rinsed with special machines that regulate the temperature of the water to an exact science. The water must be a certain degree, otherwise the "bloom" inside the shell layer of the egg will break down, making the egg susceptible to bacteria. I don't have a way of regulating the temperature of the water in my kitchen, and knowing that RNH's grandma never washed her eggs and never had a problem, I decided to go without. Simply brushing off any poo and washing my hands after handling the eggs will be sufficient. (Hopefully!)

I also noticed how much smaller my hen's eggs are compared to commercial eggs. I read that as the chickens get older, the egg size will increase. Right now they're a bit smaller than the ones I usually buy in the grocery store.

I was pretty excited to crack open my first two eggs. I'll admit, I was a tad worried that the hen had set on the eggs for the past three days and the egg might be a bit more developed than I wanted. But it was my first egg and I wasn't going to let fear get in the way of tasting my first egg! I cracked it into a bowl and found...

a blood spot. At least I'm assuming that is what this black thing is. I thought a blood spot would be red, but this was very much a black spot. I'm pretty sure it is a blood spot anyway. I've read that a blood spot is the beginning of a fertilized egg, aka baby chick! Ew! I don't like to eat baby chicks... Anyways- I also read that when hens first start laying, the presence of blood spots are more likely. What to do, what to do?!?!

I gathered up some courage and ignored the blood spot by pulling it out with a spoon. Then I scrambled the egg and forgot about it! The events leading up to my cooking the eggs weren't really that dramatic, but I figured the story might sound a bit better if I was scared of the egg! I don't think blood spots are really that big of a deal now that I've encountered my first one. I know a lot of people just throw the whole egg out if they find a blood spot. I definitely didn't want to waste my first egg, so you know I had to cook it! The egg tasted just fine with or without blood spot!

I never thought there would be such a huge difference in the way store-bought and farm-raised eggs would taste. Farm eggs are much fluffier and richer tasting. They are all around a much better egg. I don't know if I'll ever be able to buy eggs from the grocery store ever again. I'm so impressed with my ladies!!!


  1. Congratulations on your first eggs! That is so exciting! I appreciate the information on washing eggs as well. I've heard different opinions and didn't know what to think. As you can imagine, I'm really looking forward to the day when mine start laying too.

  2. Its almost as exciting as the day they arrive on your doorstep (or at the post office!!!) I figured taking RNH's grandmother's advice, someone who's been around chickens for her 80-some life, she'd know what's best!!! Good luck with your babies and I can't wait for yours to hatch! You'll love it!!!

  3. Hello!! I just read your blog for the first time, and I am so excited for you, because my little pullets have just started laying, too! So, congratulations to both you & me, both! I didn't know about not washing eggs, I will have to look into it... thanks for info!!

  4. Haha Skinny, wait til I put up pictures of the tiny egg I just got!
    Welcome to my ramblings Lynn! And yes, Congrats to us both- having chickens is SO fun!