Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Garden Organization

Since I'm "stuck" indoors at the moment for gardening purposes, I've had to create a corner of my indoor world and devote it to gardening. This area is actually the only south-facing window in the house. And it just so happens to be conveniently located to the left of my desk! So it made sense to create a little temporary garden center at the computer!
I've got all of my seeds arranged in a basket according to when they will be planted. In another basket I've got the peat pods still wrapped in their store plastic, waiting to be used. These baskets sit conveniently in the top of my desk. The little set up I've got going on keeps me really organized and its perfect because I've got the computer right here so I can refer back to articles and websites if I've got any questions.
I've got my trusty google calendar to refer to, as well as my gardening journal. In the gardening journal I keep notes of what seeds I'm buying, what brand, cost, what date they're to be planted, the actual date they're planted, and any sort of notes from what I've learned by reading articles or notes from actual experience growing the veggie in previous years. If I've got extra seeds left over, I seal the package up real tight and toss it into the container with other leftovers. I might even reuse them later in the year for a fall garden. We'll see! Then I put the container in a closet and out of the way until its time to plant again!
Last year I attempted to save seeds. I had the worst luck ever. Since I'm still learning, I'm positive there is something that I'm doing wrong. I also think that not every type of seed can be saved. I haven't done much reading yet, but it looks like you can save heirloom versions, but I'm not sure. I'll be looking into this later into the gardening season! These are the only seeds I saved last year. I don't even know what kind of cucumber they were. I might stick them in the ground and see if they do anything. I've bought two other kinds of cucumbers, so if they don't grow- I'll be alright!
So far I've got everything running smoothly. We'll see what happens when I've got an entire greenhouse going in this room! Hopefully with the way I've got things planned out, I will just be cycling out different trays of seedlings. When its time to transplant, it will also be time to start another seed. We'll see! How do you keep your garden organized?

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