Friday, February 19, 2010

Ghetto Garden?

Okay, so I'm running into some problems with my ever-so-carefully planned out garden. I've started my broccoli seeds indoors at the time of year when everything I researched says is a good time. So its good right? The broccoli had no problem sprouting, and next thing I know its grown like crazy sitting in the window sill. I read that when the broccoli gets to 3 inches, it should be transplanted. Well what about hardening off the plants? They reached 3 inches so quick, and now its too late. They had to be transplanted. I went out and tried to work the wet clay soil that we're stuck with for now. I formed two 10 foot rows and spaced out half of my broccoli seedlings, 18 inches apart. Everything seemed to be going alright, except for the wind. It is still very cold out, in the 40's during the days and 30's at night. Too cold for my little seedlings to be okay. So I know I need to make a cold frame or something of that sort to protect them. I've got painters plastic and plenty of stakes, so I figure I'll make a tent over the two rows of broccoli! Well I ran into a huge problem with the wind. RNH was trying to help me place the plastic over the rows using the stakes we put in the ground to hold the plastic above the seedlings. The plastic was blowing like crazy in the wind and kept hitting my tiny, fragile broccoli seedlings. I was frustrated and devastated. I'm sure several of them are not going to make it.
I continued with what I was doing, and decided it would be smart to keep half of the seedlings indoors instead of planting all as planned. That way with what dies, I may still have a chance of having a good broccoli harvest.
With the contraption that RNH and I set up, our garden looks WHACK! I don't know if there is such a thing as a "ghetto garden" but if there was, we've got it! I didn't have enough plastic to cover two of the little seedlings, so I had to try and cover those with minature flower pots. So for now we've got huge rocks, painter's plastic, flower pots, stakes and a half-plowed garden. Now that is a ghetto garden!


  1. Hey, my garden has looked worse! I've never tried to start broccoli seeds indoors. I hope yours do well.

  2. Ugh, re-reading this post makes me upset. I'll give y'all an update on my ghetto garden soon!