Sunday, February 14, 2010

Indoor Sowing

I started my onions indoors, just as I had scheduled on my trusty calendar. They're doing well. Next came time to sow the broccoli and eggplant*. I calculated that I'm going to have two rows of broccoli. Each row is 10 feet. Doing some calculations according to the spacing between the plants, I decided to sow 26 peat pots of broccoli. This will allow for some error just in case some seeds don't sprout, or some plants die during transplanting.
I used Jiffy's peat pots and I'm trying out Burpee's Green Goliath hybrid broccoli. It looks like it is going to be yummy!!! RNH and I love fresh steamed broccoli, so hopefully this will go well!
I had a little help from Drake while I was sowing seeds. I had to work up and away from him because he thought the seeds were already food and he wanted to eat them!
I placed about two seeds per peat pot. I'm hoping that at least one of these seed will pop up! If I've got two broccoli growing in one pot, I'll thin out the weaker seedling.
I am also going to try out Jiffy's Smart Start eggplant. I am only planning on doing one row of eggplant, which according to spacing, I'll have enough room for 13 eggplant plants. That seems like quite a bit of eggplant to me so I will be giving it away I'm sure. RNH and I really like eggplant parmesan, but now we might have more eggplant to experiment with other recipes!

After the pods were filled, I placed the plastic lid over them and sat them next to the sown onions in the only south-facing window we have in the house. I'm not planning on doing a lot more sowing other than these three vegetables, so hopefully the space I have will be sufficient. Because I have had such terrible luck with corn, I might start them inside as well. The earlier I plant them, the more moisture they'll receive in the season, so that may help. But I will decide that later on.I'm pretty excited about my peat pods. I can't wait for them to sprout!

*The actual sow date of my broccoli and eggplant was February 6th (this is a late post!). I live in the Northern part of Central North Carolina. If you live near me, we can compare notes and see when the best sowing/planting/harvesting dates are!


  1. This is what I need to get started doing!

  2. I'm not growing any of those! Only flowers! And maybe tomatoes?

  3. Skinny- if you do tomatoes, will you do them in a pot or in the ground? I think tomatoes are the hardest plant to grow (because they need attention!) but one of the best plants to grow at the same time! We're not starting ours from seed... we'll buy the Burpee plants that are already started. I saw the Burpee truck pull into Southern States this morning... YES!!!