Thursday, February 18, 2010

Odds and Ends of the Shed

I'm not going to post pictures of our cleaned out shed yet. Its still a work in progress. After a huge truck load to the scrap yard yesterday, we took a huge truck load to the dump. But then we came home with stuff because the landfill wouldn't take certain things, such as metal- yes! we found more! We've got cans of paint that are full (from the previous owner) and huge buckets of oil. Those things are not going to be easy to dispose of. And when we do dispose of them, we'd like to do it properly. After hauling everything off, we were too exhausted to try and clean the shed out, so we let it go. That project will be for another day. So for now, instead of showing you before and after pictures, I'll show you some neat odds and ends we found around the shed. RNH is also hoping that one day we'll be able to level the entire building and put a nice one in its place. We'll see!

I'm sure this hoe has seen plenty of gardens in its long life!

I wonder what sort of big old trucks this chain has towed! It is HUGE!

Neat pulleys. We saved them, for who knows what...

Don't try to open my heart with your skeleton key. Yes, an Allison Krauss song.

This was our first lawn mower when we moved into the house. It works, we just happened to need something a liiiiittle bit bigger!

Hair cutters? Sheep shears? No clue. But cool!

I forget what RNH says this was used for.

So yeah, nothing of value, and nothing really that old, but still some different things we had laying around. We also have an old plow that I forgot to take a picture of. I love old farm equipment!


  1. All that old stuff is very cool! I love finding old stuff around our home, too!

  2. How fun, very neat stuff. A lot of keepers in that lot.

    I've seen old hand sheep shears before, so I know that's not what those are, but they obviously cut something. The part for the blade almost looks the size to be used on humans :o Maybe dog clippers???

  3. I know, I love old stuff, especially when you find it in your own home!!! Thanks Leigh- we have no clue what kind of clippers they are! I just can't imagine how hard they would be to use!!!