Monday, February 15, 2010


The onion and broccoli have taken off very nicely so far!

I read that for sowing onion seeds indoors, it is necessary to encourage the bulb growth under the soil. You do this by cutting the seedlings back when they reach 3 inches tall. The cool thing about this is that you've got some nice little chives to top your baked potato, soup, etc. They haven't reached 3 inches yet, but I'm excited for them to get high! I have been spraying the tops of the fiber pots with water pretty much every day and I'm making sure that the plastic base the pots sit in stays watered. You have to be careful with onion plants because they can be over-watered very easily. After doing all of this research I read that almost no one starts onions from seeds, they use onion sets. Well I had never seen these sold in local stores, and wasn't a huge seed catalogue-looker, but now I know. If my onion seeds don't do well, I'll have to order some sets online next year!

The broccoli is taking off nicely, but they were sitting under plastic cover along with the eggplant. After the seedlings sprout, you are supposed to take the plastic cover off. I would leave it on, but the broccoli is getting too tall for the cover. I'm going to have to move the broccoli into its own tray with no cover, and cover the eggplant back up so they are under a "greenhouse" type setting. I didn't think that they wouldn't sprout around the same time... oops! Now if only the sun would come out and the temperatures get a bit higher, I could start hardening them off! That will happen next month!


  1. This is making me want to plant my seeds but it is way to early for them. I'll probably do it late March to early April so they'll be safe from the frost once I put them outside. That is their prime planting season anyway. SO EXCITED ABOUT OUR LITTLE BABY PLANTS AND FOR SPRING.

  2. ME TOO! I'm glad you're excited now!!! I don't know if my terrible phone conversation skills got my point through to you- but yeah, a foil pan with seed starting mix in it will work just fine! I'm not sure about transplanting though... that is why I like the peat pods. You just pop them in the ground. I'm afraid that with a foil pan, the whole entire plant will kinda pop out and you'd have to worry about root damage. Altho- I don't really know what I'm talking about... this is my first year of REALLY indoor seed-sowing. We'll see! :)