Friday, February 5, 2010


We have a rabbit folks!!!
No, no, no! Its not another animal we've taken in. Its a real life wild rabbit!!! RNH and I have been in our home two years and have never seen any rabbits. The land is perfect (at least we think!) for rabbits to thrive. Tons of brambles and things for them to hide in, but we've never seen any wabbits!!!
Finally after the heavy snow fall, we found rabbit tracks! There were actually two rabbits from what we could tell! We tried tracking it, but the snow had made some of the tracks disappear.

RNH is thinking rabbit hunting. I guess I'll try it!
Another thing we're thinking: if we've got rabbits, that means the bobcat might be gone!!! Several months ago someone was running dogs in our woods. RNH heard a terrible screaming noise, that he thinks might have been the bobcat. Either they treed it or killed it. Either way, we haven't heard or seen any signs of its existence. Good riddance bobcat! I really hope its gone. If it is gone, that means a better possibility of having (more) wild turkey, rabbits, and other small game that seems to be non-existent around here. Exciting!!!


  1. I don't want to be a killjoy, but I'm not sure those are rabbit tracks. Rabbits have long hind feet, and because of all the hair, don't really leave toe impressions. Could those tracks be a cat bounding through the snow?

  2. It definitely isn't a cat. There were two tracks that seemed to be bounding around in the snow together. I'm not sure what kind of animal this could be, but I agree about the rabbit tracks having longer back feet. I'm not sure. Maybe the wildlife camrea will catch the critter!

  3. Hey, just got my hubby to look at your rabbit tracks. He's a total country boy from out west who has tracked many animals (as compared to me, a total city girl from the east who never has tracked anything), and he said this is a small rabbit running. We both agreed that rabbits leave those long hind leg tracks, but he said that's only when they hop slowly. When they're all out running, they leave the tracks you showed.

  4. YESSS!!! THANKS Lynn!!! That is awesome! I was really hoping we had rabbits! Now I just gotta see them!