Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Got Paid to Clean the Shed!

When we moved into this home, almost 2 years ago, we told the fragile old widow that it would be fine if she didn't clean out the shed before she left the home to us. We were sure there were tons of good tools inside that would be of value to us, new homeowners that barely had anything to our name. Well, we were wrong. Way wrong.
Sherby was the widow's husband's name. He was some sort of mechanic that worked on big rig trucks. Everything in that shed had something to do with a truck. Huge pieces of metal equipment were laying around collecting dust or may have had a mouse nest in it. After two years in the home, we decided enough was enough. We weren't going to use any of this stuff. Time to get rid of it.

Landfill? Nah. Try to sell it on Ebay? Nah. How about a scrap yard? YES!

We hauled a HUGE amount of metal, from bolts and screws to copper wire, to metal shelves. We hauled it all 19 miles to a scrap yard. We had never been, and it was a weird experience! There were quite a few questionable characters there. We both wish we had been armed.

We went back and forth from the truck scale to big piles of metal, dropping things off where they told us to. There were attendants there, with no teeth, that pulled the metal out of the car so I didn't have to get out (thank God!) RNH did all of the talking so I stayed in the truck the entire time! I didn't like it there!

At the end, RNH went up to a bank-teller type window where a man gave him our ticket. He jumped back in the car with $122 in cash! Not bad, getting paid to clean out the shed! And I now see why criminals like to steal copper wire and metal. You get paid for nothing!

RNH and I decided to put half in savings, and we'd halve the rest of it. So what did I get with my $21??? Well... it only paid for half of the thing, but I got this! And I can't wait to start using it!

I'm hoping that this little machine will help preserve a lot of our harvest this year. I'm planning on getting a dehydrator next paycheck, so I will be able to save my dried goods in these bags as well. $55, but hopefully it will be worth it! (I read that you can save a prepared salad in a vacuum sealed bag like this for 2 weeks! I know what I'll be taking for lunch at work from now on!)


  1. I went to the Raleigh one for a call. It was scary. It was loud and busy, too.

  2. Skinny I'll have to tell you more about my trip in person- I can't believe we went to the ghetto of Durham unarmed!!!