Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Woes of Snow

We have a brand new tiller that I'm dying to try. Thanks to the snow, it seems like the ground will never get worked.

I'm complaining now about the soil being too moist. Watch, this summer, it will be dry as a bone and I'll be complaining about that!

Here is my garden. You can barely see where I've put stakes in the ground to mark off the area. Ugh!

The snow is pretty to look at for just a day. Then I'm over it! I could never live in the North if this is what they have to deal with all the time!!!


  1. Why is it we're never happy with the weather, *LOL. I keep consoling myself by remembering that the cold weather will kill most of the bug larvae, and that will be good for our harvests!

  2. Leigh- I didn't know that the cold weather would do a number on the bug larvae! Good to know!!!