Friday, March 12, 2010

Bad Teeth

As I promised, I am posting a picture of the beaver skull (just the top half) that we found in the woods recently. The size of the skull makes me think that this was a younger beaver. It is pretty small and the beavers I have seen have to be about 50 lbs. I'd guess this one was about 20 lbs. And I don't think his mom ever showed him the correct way to brush his teeth....


  1. Cool skull!! Love those teeth!! have you seen your beaver (the live one!) yet?

  2. No! Everytime we go down there, we *think* we see him slipping into the water. The ones at the swamp were pretty territorial, so they'd slap their tails and let us know they were there. This one is just hiding. Based on his tiny lodge, I'm thinking he may be a younger, smaller beaver. We also tore down some of his lodge b/c the water level is getting too high. I'm hoping we push him out and back into the swamp where he belongs!!!