Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have finally put my seedlings in the ground!!! We had a pretty cloudy, yet decently warm day and I was finally able to put my nursery-purchased broccoli into the ground, along with my tiny seedlings. At this point I wanted my seedlings to be much bigger than they are, but because my lovely puppy knocked over my first seedlings, I got what I got. I am happy to report that despite my seedlings being a bit small, they are doing very well!

Because the soil is so rocky/full of clay at this end of the garden, even after tilling under manure and compost, (maybe it will be better next year?) I decided to mix some bagged top soil in with the clay while planting. I'm hoping the loose soil will help the young plant's roots settle into the soil better. We'll see if I'm right!
While planting my broccoli, I was minding my own business and all of a sudden I heard clucking behind me. The dang chickens had run over to my little baby plants and begun eating them! It didn't even take a second before the ladies had found my gold mine. I had to quickly put up a temporary fence around my luscious green tops, even while I was working in the garden. Its pretty funny that the chickens have left the garlic and onion alone. I guess those veggies are a bit too potent for them to enjoy. Here is my temporary garden fence. This weekend I am actually going to purchase some more garden netting and go ahead and enclose the entire 1,000 square feet so I don't have to worry about it later. Besides, I snuck carrots in (even though they weren't in my garden plans that I have drawn out... oops!) and I don't want to have to worry about the chickens discovering them as their green tops begin to poke out!
I planted a Rabbit-eye blue berry bush just a few weeks ago. It is doing very nicely. As I recall, my blueberry bushes looked exactly like this last year. Full of buds and looking very promising. They produced a decent amount of berries for being such a small bush, so I was happy with them. But now...The tops of my three bushes that I planted last year look like they're still dormant. With this warm weather, I expected to see something. I took a set of pruning shears to it to determine if the bushes were even still alive. I had to remove the dead branches anyways. Well I might have been a bit too prune-happy, but I cut the bush back a tad and got rid of the dead stuff. Hopefully this will help. I know (now) that the soil is not as acidic as blueberries prefer. I'm hoping this doesn't stop them. I am also planning on mulching the bushes better with pine straw and adding lime to the soil to add to the acidity. We'll see. I'm just praying they produce!

Maybe it was the extra long/harsh winter that we had this year that has kept the bushes from growing as quickly as I expected them to. I'm new to blueberries, does anyone know if its normal for them to look this way? Do I need to just be patient?!?!


  1. I love seeing those broccoli seedlings!

    I'm like you, impatient for my fall planted fruit trees and shrubs to start showing signs of life. Only my peach trees are putting out leaves so far. I check to see if they're alive by lightly scraping the bark with my thumbnail. Live plants show green underneath, dead ones are brown.

    A word about the lime though, it is used to decreased acidity, so just stick to pine needles. Coffee grounds can help too.

  2. I have to start my little seeds, so much to do so little time!

  3. Leigh- thanks for the hints and information... KEEP IT COMING!!!

    I have no clue what I'm doing, all I can do is read stuff on the internet, and half the time I'm half-asleep and read things wrong! :)

    Skinny- you better tell that Jabroni that he needs to give you a second to plant your seeds! Haha!