Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dehydrating Deliciousness

I recently purchased a food dehydrator from the ultimate redneck store, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. It is our favorite store. I bought an Open Country 7-tray food dehydrator based on the several reviews and research I did. I found that if I'm not going to be dehydrating large quantities of food on a regular basis, the Open Country would do just fine. It was on sale and I paid $40. I think it is a perfect contraption for a beginner dehydrator. The reviews speak highly of the product, and there are several reviews on it.

The one food I desperately wanted to dehydrate was bananas. I have watched and re-watched the banana making video on this awesome website, Dehydrate2Store, but I just can't get my bananas to taste very good. They taste old and bruised.

Anyways. I have fell in love with other things that I've tried. Fruit cocktail is my favorite thing of all. I am a huge candy eater. Especially at work. I get a bored/sweet tooth and feel the need to go pick up a pack of Skittles or something to chew on. Instead of reaching for candy now, I pick up my dehydrated fruit and its just like eating candy! Sweet, chewy, and all sorts of different flavors. The only difference: its not quite as bad for me!
Canned fruit of any kind; peaches, pears, fruit cocktail, pineapple, apricots, etc. are awesome in the dehydrator. My newest thing: strawberries. I love Special K Cereal with the dried strawberries in it. These strawberries taste like they came right out of the box. Since I don't have a huge amount of strawberry plants right now, I will probably end up drying a lot of my berries to eat later.

Another fun thing that I took from Dehydrate2Store was kiwi infused strawberry. Simply slice the two fruits and lay the slices on top of each other while drying. Magnificent!


  1. Good score. I love my dehydrator. Home dehydrated bananas aren't our favorite either, but dehydrated watermelon is fun.

    Good idea to do strawberries. All of mine usually go to jam, but now that I have my own plants, I will hopefully have plenty for jam, fresh eating, and dehydrating!

  2. Those strawberry kiwi things look like the bomb.

  3. Leigh- Ohhh man I'm going to have to try watermelon this summer!!! (RNH just called to inform me that he is going to do some tilling tomorrow to make room for watermelons.... NEWS TO ME! But I'm all for it!) Hopefully I'll have some home-grown to try! :)

    Skinny- I meant to bring some to work today. I'll try and remember next week!!!