Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Locks of Love

I wanted to donate my hair so bad. But I'm just not gonna be able to do it.

A minimum donation to Locks of Love is 10 inches. I'm at 8. That is just two measly inches!!! But in hair-growing time, that is forever! If I was to take all 10 inches off my head right now, my hair would be right at my chin. That is way too short for my type of face, and I have to be able to pull it into a pony tail for work.

In April, it will have been a year since I've cut my hair. Its getting very raggedy and gross. If I'm going to wear it down, I have to straighten it with a hot iron. That is not a very "me" thing to do (because it takes way too much time and effort!). When I have it pulled back in a pony tail at the gym, the ends of it stick to the back of my neck and get all sweaty (GROSS!) so I think its about time to chop it all off.

I'm going to do it Thursday before work. Yes!

My mom used to cut me and my sister's hair. We had long straight, red hair. Everyone. And it was very long. My mom's used to be down to her butt before she chopped it all off and gave it to Locks of Love! But people used to think we were Amish because we had such long hair. My mom would give it a trim every now and then. Nothing special, just a straight-across the bottom trim.

When I moved away to college is when I finally went to a hair salon for a haircut. I actually really enjoyed it because I love to have people brush my hair. It was like going to a spa for me! And I went to Great Clips. Paying $12 for something I used to get for free (and they actually gave me layers and style to my hair!) didn't seem unreasonable.
Then, I upgraded. When I was a Senior in college, I found a "NY Styles" near the campus that would cut my hair for $20. Yiikes, thats $8 more than Great Clips!!! But they did really nice work and told me why they were better than Great Clips. I've been going there ever since. They are now 45 minutes from where I live, so I have to plan my hair cuts according to my work schedule.
I'm a grown adult, who can afford a nice salon, but I'm scared to "upgrade" once again. I'm afraid that I'll get "sucked in" to the more expensive places because they'll do that much better with my hair. I like the way NY Styles cuts my hair, and its relatively inexpensive. Also- when I go in they always ask who did my highlights (because they're fabulous!) and I tell them that they're natural! I have friends that pay big bucks for this stuff! But anyways- I'm sure if I get sucked in someday, its going to be because of my sister's influence. She's new to my area, and I'm sure she's going to convince me to trade in my NY Styles for a Salon Blu, or whatever. We'll see!
RNH is going to the beach with his BFF for the next two days, so he'll have a surprise (if he even notices!) when he gets home!
Me with my hair the shortest its ever been, 2007.

Me about 3 months ago. My hair doesn't look that long because its pulled around and over my shoulders. Its much longer than this now. And stringy/wavy/gross. I can't wait to get rid of it all! :)


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I get my hair cut about once a year. I'm afraid that one day I won't be able to afford the nice salons every six weeks but the lady down the road does a nice job and could easily do something fancy if I wanted to...but then I'd have to commit to the every six weeks thing :D

  2. I saw your fb post about it. I can't wait to see it! I'm stuck with the fancy salons since the last time I tried to home dye my hair it turned purple because of all the red in my hair. And now I need to recover all the gray. Bummer

  3. My sister informed me today that if I went to a nice salon, it wouldn't cost but about $10 more. The girl did a good job (I think...!!?) on my hair today, so I guess I'll stick with this salon. Oh and it was "NStyle" not "NY Styles," or whatever I said it was!

    Laura- I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets my hair cut once a year! :)