Friday, March 5, 2010

Making Furniture?

As you may recall, a couple-friend of ours gave us one of these:

And now I want one of these:
(not this one, but something like this!)

But RNH has a better idea, and wants one of these: he can make me a piece of wine furniture. I think its a great idea because we will be able to custom create it for the wine cooler, and make it custom for a specific place in the kitchen. And we'll be able to stain the wood to match the kitchen cabinets. We've got a million wine glasses from the different wineries we've visited, so a hanging wine glass holder is a must. Then I also want the cross bars that hold the wine bottles because that just looks so cool. I also would like for it to have a drawer to hold any sort of miscellaneous alcohol items, such as cork screws and bar tools.
It may be a bit fancy for our small kitchen, but I have a wine theme, and I think it will be pretty neat. Next month we're buying the miter saw, and then after that we'll be looking into what materials we need. I'm excited and (I hope he can do it!!!).


  1. Aw cool, that will look awesome in your wine theme kitchen. I love it!!!!

  2. Good luck with the project! We always have so many big ideas, but so little time...

  3. You can do it!!! Haha! Good luck to ya! Let us know how it goes! I am interested in doing something similar! :D

  4. Thanks y'all! We're saving up for the saw and doing research on the best brand. We'll probably have it in May, so I'll keep you updated!