Sunday, March 14, 2010

Onion Failure

I've pretty much given in and have admitted to my failure at growing onions from seed. I read that it was hard to do, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. Since I read that a common mistake is over-watering onion seedlings, I was careful but ended up under-watering them. So now I have life-less seedlings sitting in my window. I'm bummed. I found some onion bulbs at Walmart, surprisingly, for $1.50, so I'm going to try my hand at them. They went in the ground this past weekend.
The garlic that I moved from one spot in the garden to another, is doing remarkable. I'm excited that it did not die. I'm hoping that once its harvested, I'll be able to dry the bulbs out and make garlic powder. We use a ton of it at our house, so it would be perfect! Our favorite store, Southern States, had a huge grand opening this weekend. Despite working midnights and not being awake during decent hours, RNH and I decided we'd wake up early and go. They were supposed to have biddies there, as well as some good sales, so I really wanted to go. Of course when we got there, all of the chicks are gone. Sold out. The fruit trees were on sale as well, and I had made up my mind that I was going to buy a single peach tree. Most peach varieties are self-pollinating, meaning you only need one tree. And of course like the biddies, the peach trees were gone as well. RNH and I were bummed, but quickly decided that we would like to have some apple trees. They are not self-pollinating so we bought two kinds: Gala and Fuji. I am so ecstatic about the possibility of apples that I can hardly stand it- the only thing of course is that I will have to wait at least 3 years for them to fruit! Oh well! I'm also on a list just in case SS gets some peach trees in. We'll see. Now we just have to find a decent place to plant these trees! We'll have to figure that out on our next day off!
I also bought some carrot seeds for another attempt. Last year I planted them in the fall and they did wonderfully. But because I'm a wimp, I didn't have the heart to thin them out, and I also did not weed them well-enough, oh and I also planted them too late! Now that I've done research on them and have mapped out my garden plans, I think I'm going to squeeze these suckers in. The carrots that did grow last year, were tiny and very very sweet. They were delicious. I think our soil is good for carrots, so I'm hoping I'll have some good luck with these. I read that they should have been planted at the first of the month, but with the rain and everything that we had, I think it is good that I "waited." (Or just didn't think about growing them until now!) :) Putting them in the ground will be the first thing I do on my day off.

My broccoli and eggplant seedlings are now outdoors at all times. Even overnight. They are doing wonderfully, but I think I need to transfer them to a fiber pot or something. The small peat pots that they are in right now are too small. I won't plant them into the ground just yet. I'll just put the round peat pots into the bigger, square fiber pots and wait for them to continue developing.

On the way to the dump, yes the dump, the other day, RNH and I stopped in at a local nursery. It is well off the beaten path and we've never stopped. I wasn't sure if they'd have vegetables, but they sure did! The man who owns the nursery starts everything from seed in his huge greenhouse. He had 4 packs of broccoli started, ready to plant, for $1.60. That is unheard of at Southern States. A 4 pack of smaller broccoli seedlings at SS would be at least $3, and probably more. I was real excited and told him we'd come back for more plants as the season progresses. I purchased 12 broccoli plants, in addition to the 10 or so that I have at the house. I'm hoping that his seedlings will be ready for harvest first, and as long as the heat holds off, I will be harvesting my seedlings weeks later. We'll see if it works out!

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  1. Bummer about the onion seedlings. I didn't know that about overwatering, so that information is helpful. I plan to plant onion seed directly into the garden,but with all our rain, we may have a crop failure!

    I used to live near a Southern States but no more. I loved that place too. Galas and Fujis are what we planted! Like you , I can't wait for those apples!