Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Redneck's Heaven

Yup, that's right. The Dixie Deer Classic was in Raleigh this past weekend. Of course RNH and I went. I've never been since I'm new to all of the redneck ways, but let me tell you this- I've never seen so many good ol' people in one place. I usually hate crowds, but this crowd didn't make me as nervous as other crowds do...

The first building we went into was full of people and tons of crazy noises. From turkeys gobbling, crows calling, owls hooting, ducks quacking, and deer grunting, there seemed to be a million vendors that were selling the "best" call at the Classic. RNH and I wandered from booth to booth. We were specifically looking for a good wood duck call since that is what we seem to have the most of. I guess that is a popular duck in our area, because the best sounding wood duck call had been sold out on Friday (we were there on Sunday). As we checked out the different duck calls, I began to notice a trend. The vendors had their calls on display. If you asked them to use the call so you could hear the pitch and sound, they would suggest that you try it. Yup. I got suckered into trying a call. A call that probably a million other people had tried that weekend. Surely, I thought, these have to be sanitized in some way. After I made a feeble attempt at doing the "WheeeT" that a wood duck does, the man took the call back from me and wiped it with a dry cloth. A dry cloth. And he put it back on the display. Immediately I regretted having blown on that duck call. Wood ducks being the most popular duck in the area, meaning the most popular call. And he was very good at getting me to try the call, as I'm sure he was good with the 50 bagillion people before me. Yuck. I don't have any diseases (that I know of) so far... We'll see!
Another building was full of guns so we checked prices on things. RNH is really wanting a Springfield 1911. The ultimate 1911 for him would be made by Colt, but he's going to settle for a Springfield. We're also looking at getting revolver of some sort since all we own right now in the handgun department are pistols. I'd also like to get RNH to help me build an M4. He built his, which I think would be pretty cool to do! The other gun he is working towards is the M1 Grandee. Ohhh if we only made a ton of money....
The last building was full of John Deere equipment to buy, deer heads to be judged, and long, long lines. What were the lines for?

Everyone was waiting in line to meet these people:

Michael Waddell of The Bone Collector TV show. He's pretty much every redneck's idol, and Lee and Tiffany Lakosky of "The Crush" on the Outdoor Channel. No, we did not stand in line to meet them. We did walk by and see them though!

The show was a ton of fun. RNH actually bid in a silent auction on 2 turkey calls, one $40 and the other $50. He bid a total of $20 on the two calls and waltzed out the door. No one seemed to be paying attention to the auction- which is pretty funny considering that these calls won awards for best calls in NC. Hmmm... Unfortunately the duck calls were being auctioned on Ebay. I guess they're a bit more popular!

We also got to watch a neat Labrador hunting demonstration. It gave me a renewed hope for Drake and his ability to retrieve. We were so impressed by the labs we saw that day, that once we got home RNH threw Drake into the deep water of the river and made him go swimming! He was a natural at it! Hopefully when it gets warmer, we'll continue to work withi him and the water!

The Dixie Deer Classic was awesome and we can't wait to go again next year!