Friday, April 30, 2010

Garden Update

I've been pretty absent from hanging out on the internet, well, actually pretty absent from being indoors. Spring has come on full-swing and I'm loving spending every minute outside. If I'm not playing with my puppy, I'm doing something in the garden.

The broccoli we have is doing very well. We had a few days of unusual 90 degree weather for April, so I was worried that this would cause it some stress. We're back to normal temperatures, around the 70's and 40's at night. It is thriving.
The red potatoes we planted are coming up. I've never grown potatoes so it was really exciting to see them sprout with their velvet-y looking foliage. I can't wait to see them continue growing!

We planted 2 rows of Silver Queen corn, RNH's favorite. We will plant two more rows, 2 weeks from then in order to get a decent crop all summer.

We finally planted cucumbers. Marketmore 76, and a pickling cucumber that I can't remember the name of right now. We planted one row on the very edge of the garden. We will build a trellis that extends off the garden for the cucumbers to grow on. That way the next row of cucumbers in the garden will have double the space they normally would to grow. We have not built the cucumber trellis yet, but I've got a while until it will be needed. I've read that you can grow things like lettuce, under the trellis, however I'm not really interested in that this year. Maybe next!
The garlic and onion are doing wonderfully.
The next days I have off I will be planting squash, zucchini, and okra! Can't wait!

*I wrote this post at the beginng of March. I kept forgetting to upload pictures! Hopefully I'll update the garden's current condition with pictures, its gotten pretty far along!


  1. Your garden is looking great!

  2. Thanks! I need to post more current pictures!!!

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean about not taking the time to blog. Who wants to be inside when spring has arrived?! And when all the spring chores are waiting? Your garden looks like it's coming along, I will wait for the new pics.

  4. I can't wait to get outside now that SCHOOL IS DONE (for the semester)!

    I accidentally forgot to water my seedlings and half died. Oops. I'm gonna try and put them in the ground/pots on our next days off so I guess I can start some more seeds when I get that done.

    And I had a garlic bulb sprouting in my cupboard. I was gonna take a pic and tell you I was growing garlic but I forgot.