Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hilariousness in Free Ranging

Even if you don't own chickens or livestock of any sort, you've got to check out this blog! New Life On A Homestead The article is titled "Free Ranging Advice." The pictures are HILARIOUS!!!

RNH and only have chickens to let free range- maybe one day we'll have goats and pigs (if I could only talk him into it!!!) I don't have too many problems with the chickens standing on the hood of my car, but they do cause a bit of trouble...

My next door neighbor's grandson came to live with them for a bit. He is what some would call a thug-wannabe. He is about 14 years old and dresses with his pants down around his ankles. Anyways. He went complaining to his grandma one day about how Roo chased him. I will tell you, I would pay money to have seen that. Its not that I don't like the kid or anything- I've never spoken to him, but it is FUNNY!

She also told me that one day she heard some noise on her front stoop and opened up the front door to see all six chickens hanging out on her front door step. She told them to shoo and they did.

The chickens are also crossing the street. This makes me nervous because we live on a busy road and they're likely to get hit by car. I guess they've heard the joke, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" and they're trying to find the answer for themselves! Hardy har har!

Like I mentioned before, the chickens have found our newly planted apple trees to be a perfect spot for dust bathing. I'm afraid before too long they are going to expose the young plant's root ball and kill the tree. I'm going to need to monitor the situation. They also kick out all of the nicely placed mulch in the front beds that run along the front of our home. Not cool.

Roo has also found his favorite spot where he likes to crow. My deck. Right in front of my bedroom door. Of course, in the early morning. He also likes to leave huge globs of chicken poo on my deck, which then my Labrador likes to gobble up as soon as he walks out the door. And he'll surprise me with a huge, wet, sloppy kiss... and, well, you know where his mouth has been. YUCK!

Anyways- we're going to have to stop the free-ranging very soon. We're working on coop and run plans. We've finally got the miter saw that RNH was coveting... now we just need the money for all of the wood! No more scrap-coop for these chickens, we're going to make a nice home for them to live in 24-7. I'll miss having them run after me when its feeding time, but I know they'll be much safer that way!

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