Thursday, July 1, 2010


Pretty much since the spring hit, I've been MIA. Winter time is for sitting in front of a computer and typing things that pretty much my mom only cares to read!

Things are in complete and full swing. An update on the garden: we left for the beach for a week long vacation (which was FABULOUS) and while we were gone we got a much-needed week-long rain. By the time we came back, the grass had taken over everything. So pretty much I've been trying to play "catch-up" ever since. I've weeded and weeded, and not had any luck taking back over my garden. So that being said, we have zero harvest. I'm bummed but hopeful. We've got the rest of the summer to get some veggies, so we'll see.

Since there is too much to try and re-cap on, I'll just look forward to the rest of summer. I'll probably try to do several short posts, just for you Mom! Haha!

Last night was awesome. We finally had a break from the 100+ degree weather, so RNH and I sat out on the deck. Summer is great, but not when its so hot outside you can't even enjoy the evenings! So we had fish and chips for dinner. Not fish out of the pond or river, but it was delish! We drug out the deep-fryer for that, and it was perfect since it was nice outside and we didn't stink up the house! We also enjoyed a little bit of vino, Polka Dot's Riesling, which was on sale. It was delish!
That's my boy!!! Isn't he getting big!??!


  1. Oh, I feel for you with the weeding! I have worked MANY weekends on weeding the garden. If I don't the weeds just take over! The weeds are doing better than the veggies!

    I also find it's hard to take time to blog in the summer, life just takes over and who wants to be in front of a computer when it's so nice out and also when there's so many chores to be done!!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling with the grasses and weeds! And if we could only have a break from the heat and get some rain!!!