Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Post-Holiday Party

We had to work the entire July 4th weekend. Once it was over, I pretty much felt like I had been hit by a mack truck. I never think it's fair when we have to work holidays, so to fix it, we decided to celebrate July 4th a little later this year. We're going to have a big late-July 4th cookout and bonfire at the house this weekend. I am beyond excited. I love to entertain and this will be the first time we've had an actual party at the house. I love to have people come out to the country and enjoy what we have been blessed with. Most of my city friends can't even burn something in their backyards if they wanted to. We plan on throwing down redneck-style with a small keg, bonfire, tons of food, corn hole, and other things.

So far the menu includes: a keg of beer, orange mint juleps, mint mojitos (with fresh mint from the garden of course!), italian chicken, hot dogs, chips and garden fresh salsa, italian pretzels, black berry dream squares (like a cobbler- BEST. THING. EVER!), a flag cake, and a pound cake. There is more, I just can't think of it all at the moment. And obviously the most important stuff was listed first!

We will have tiny flags lining the walkway, mason jar luminaries with red, white and blue ribbon tied around the tops lining the path to the pond, fun star-shaped platters, star-shaped ice cubes, and everything red, white and blue. I can't wait!

I'm making an attempt to "fog" the yard because I know a lot of people aren't used to the amount of bugs we have (we live right above a swamp!) I bought a $9 bottle of this bug spray stuff that attaches to the end of your hose. I'm thinking I should have bought 2 bottles. Last time we had some people up, one of the girls got chiggers. I don't think she actually got them from my house (she went strawberry picking the next day), since I was sitting across the table from her, also wearing flip flops, and never got them. But either way, I don't want it to be a possibility. If everyone gets eaten up, I'm not gonna have any friends left! Haha!

I hope its fun, and I hope people actually show up! Otherwise it will be up to RNH and I to float the keg ourselves!!!

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