Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rug Dr.

Our puppy ruined our carpet. I've tried to be the best doggy-mommy a dog can have, but I just couldn't keep him from messing on the carpet sometimes. Even after he became potty trained, he would wait too long to let us know he had to go out and would end up "sprinkling" on the carpet.

My gracious mother gave us her Bissell steam cleaner that she can no longer use on her new carpet she has. Unbeknownst to her, the steam cleaner's tubes were clogged and it no longer worked. RNH and I took it to a vacuum shop to get it fixed. That cost $100. We got it home and cleaned half of our carpets before the dang thing broke again. Pissed, I decided it was nto worth trying to take back to the shop (it was under warranty, but I'm sure it broke for some other reason than why he had to fix it the first time.) So we've lived with nasty, nasty carpets for months.

Since we are having people come up to the house, RNH decided he wanted to try the "Rug Doctor" machine that you always see in the front of grocery stores. He came home with teh machine and a jug of cleaner for $38. I think the rental was for 24 hours.

That thing saved our lives. I highly recommend it! Our carpets look brand new. It was very easy to do, and no matter what kind of home steam cleaner you may have, this thing will do it better. Trust.

So now we can live our lives a bit better just because we don't have to see how nasty our carpets are on a regular basis. And our guests this weekend actually might not run back out the front door once they arrive!

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