Friday, July 2, 2010

We Went Swimming

RNH and I wanted to go on an adventure. We decided to grab the boat and head down to the river. I ended up bringing a long a wet suit, some neoprene booties, and my bathing suit. Why? you ask? Because we decided we'd try swimming in the river!!!
We found a relatively clear spot in the water and decided to try it out. I got nekkid in the woods, (yes it was fun!) to change into my bathing suit and wet suit. I decided if there were any sort of leaches or anything yucky like that, they'd have to get through my wet suit first! Thankfully that didn't happen. RNH plunged in, in a pair of BDU pants and some neoprene shoes he bought on our honeymoon in Mexico. It was tons of fun until RNH started talking about a boy who developed a flesh-eating bacteria by swimming in a nearby lake. Then I started itching when I really didn't have an itch. Thankfully that didn't happen either!
The water cooled us down and we didn't even get bit by a fish! I'll go back, but I'll still probably be wearing that silly wet suit!


  1. Oh, this looks like so much fun on a hot summer day!!!

    I just read your profile, it made me laugh. I know what you mean - I work long days and dont have the time to enjoy the country life as much as I want, too!


  2. It helped to cool off, but the water was actually hot feeling too! We need a break from these temps! Glad you liked my profile! :)