Monday, August 2, 2010


We've named our last-remaining chicken. She is the only one, besides Roo of course, that has been privileged to have a name. I'm not sure why I didn't get into naming them, other than that they all look the same and I can't tell them apart, plus chicken-naming is just hard!

Anyways. RNH and I have the privileged to work with some of the country's finest citizens who often live in city-housing, or in Section 8 housing... I often find that when I meet some of these outstanding people, they change the proper way their names are said. For instance, the other day I am speaking with a woman, and I ask her her name. She smacks her lips and says "Murrrr-acle." Meaning, the commonly known name of, Miracle.

When I returned home that evening to check on my little survivor, it dawned on me... she shall be named "Miracle." But not the proper way of saying the name. She will be called "::lip smack:: Muuuuur-acle." Because she is just that, a miracle!

People at work find this very entertaining.

On another note, I'm heading to Pittsburgh tomorrow with RNH to go to my grandfather's Memorial Service. We're flying, whoopee!

(I took this picture on our last trip, a few weeks ago. This is taken on top of Mount Washington!)